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RSR ROBBINS - International Poll - is Trump personal name brand most widely known (of all?) plus Tariff Adjustments
  Aug 11, 2018

Question #1
In your opinion would it be fair to say that Donald Trump, Donald J. Trump or the Trump personal surname as a personal name brand is the most widely known among developed nations in Europe, Canada and the USA? (Based on best efforts on numbers of voters)?
Yes    60 %
No    36 %
Undecided/All Other    4 %
Question #2
Do you support “International Tariff Adjustments” currently being made by western nations in support of economic readjustments which have not occurred for many years?
Yes    46 %
No    47 %
Undecided/All Other    7 %
Q#1-Lowest to Highest “Yes”: 1. Germany (39%), 2. France (41%), 3. Italy (42%), 4. Sweden (43%), 5. Scotland (48%), 6. England (50%), Canada (61%), with USA highest @ (72%).
Q#1-Lowest to Highest “No”: 1. USA (24%), 2. Canada (32%), 3. Scotland (37%), 4. England (47%), 5. Sweden (47%), 6. Italy (54%), 7. France (58%) and Germany (60%).
Polling question 1 includes ‘the push’ to suggest that it is at least the possibility that Donald Trump et al personal brand names as commercial assets. (Sixty percent) say “Yes” they are (sic) the most widely known.
Europe comes in about one in two being of the opinion (that) “it would be fair to say” the Trump personal name brand is “the most widely known”.
Many political candidates are not able to muster one in five persons in their city who know who they are and near as many who vote in local elections.
The Trump name is a big hook. He gets attention wherever he goes. He is like an Elvis personality (with a bit of Yiddish in the mix) to create his present political persona. Time will tell if President Trump known to have pajamas that look and feel like a suit – may dress up as the King this coming Halloween.
Guy Fox has nothing on President Trump, Guy Fox was never in power while Trump is.
Question 2 is a push to use more sanitized language around what most mainstream news shows call a Trade War. There is an interesting 50/50 split here. No one’s economy has fallen off since the inception of new tariffs and trade. Much has been included in the back pages of the gazette as Tariff as a tax – bringing the socialists into the so called protectionist fold.
By the time the increase in aluminum for a tin of coffee takes seed to the higher cost of coffee it causes which causes an increase in either a cup of coffee or other item no one really notices – the consumer is paying it—it taxes little by little – here or there. Those against this ‘dishonest’ approach to revenue dynamiting believe that the harm being done to business by making many industries ‘instable’ is unconscionable.
Q#2-Highest to Lowest: 1. U.S. (63%), 2. Italy (48%), 3. France (46%), 4. Germany (45%), 5. England (45%), 6. Scotland (37%), 7. Sweden (36%).
Disclaimer: Information assessed by Glen P. Robbins (“GPR”) for RSR ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) (RSR) with percentages thereafter calculated by GPR and then published at RSR Poll uses 240,000,000 as the population amount with sample size of 24,720 and Margin of Error of under (1%)- recent 5 weeks.
(Sixty percent) is a high number “Yes” for most anything. Although this % has ‘no connective tissue to U.S. President Trump or his overall popularity’ in these target areas, it does suggest he has a big voice internationally.
The anecdote actually takes us to theory. That is, very few respondents asserted a cynical impression of any pre assumption of Trump’s personal name brand popularity. More importantly perhaps to Trump would also be the anecdote out of U.S that is most positive (than negative) about President Trump.
Anecdote can provide insight into a good guess about things and our good guess is that animosity at Trump at home and abroad is softening and streams of former naysayers are coming to take his side even if some still hold their nose(s).
Our (my) leap to theory (speculation) is that the longer Donald Trump remains in Office, does reasonably well or better than expected in mid terms (those he supports in mid terms), 2020 for U.S. President and generally cruises along at (45-46% Decided establishment popular support) and (50-53%) RSR ROBBINS polls Trump support – the better known he becomes with fewer more vitriolic detractors.
Our linguistic sorcery intended to soften Tariffs as an economic reality came up quite nicely. Some respondents believe in the tariff premise for their country, some even support it to help US economy (which will ignite the world economy). There is no doubt that we are situated in a time will tell situation with much of the movement in public opinion being based on economic outcomes and overall world stability.

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