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RSR ROBBINS - Donald Trump v Bernie Sanders v Ocasio Cortez - A Poll for the History Books
  Jul 26, 2018

Question #1
If an election for President of the United States could magically be held next November 2018, which of the following candidates provided would you support based on your opinion today?
Donald Trump, Republican    46 %
Bernie Sanders, Democrat    26 %
Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Democratic Socialist    17 %
Undecided/All Other    11 %
Question #2
Are you generally positive about the U.S. Economy and is U.S President Trump mostly responsible for that positive economy? (Shown as Decided)
Yes    63 %
No    34 %
(Undecided/All other)    22 %
From the top U.S. President Trump holds comfortable support among American Voters @ (46%) (net) and Decided ‘imagined’ support of (52%).
The Democratic Party is officially split between Bernie Sanders (26%) (net)and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez-- (17%) (net), {(29%) & (19%) respectively} “Decided basis” ---Democrat Socialist – Who has ignited a political fire not just among the Democratic Party but among American Voters (ED: ‘One respondent indicated that her name alone makes you want to support her’).
Trump scores best with Caucasians @ (58%).
This RSR ROBBINS poll is best considered on the basis that our previous polls show a trend among Caucasians (in my) private polls towards (70%) support for Trump in the Southern U.S..
The theory developing from Glen P. Robbins is that Trump’s support numbers have been escalating upward in all demographics, the mainstream media and polling has purposefully suppressed them, and that he is actually prevailing politically among American Voters while Democrats are fading after better than a year of stalling for time with more nonsense than value for American Voters.
The Democrat establishment (with a smattering of Republicans) cannot touch Donald Trump in any configuration of a ‘Hillary’ rematch. This was revealed in a number of polls denoted as Book 1,2 and so forth and made available @
‘Enter Sandwoman’ Ocasio Cortez – who wins upset in New York followed by plenty of coverage and the thing few politicians have been granted – charisma (oozes out her pores) – and who grabs (14%) of Caucasian American Voters which added to Bernie Sanders Caucasian support (net) equals (37%) (net).
I knew my Ocasio Cortez numbers were credible when I witnessed a Fox News interview with her. She was asked about the Middle East – and rather than take the bait – insisted she didn’t know that much about “geopolitics” and was learning. It was her use of the word “geopolitics” that made me realize in the midst of Fox calling her essentially ‘stupid’ on the subject that Cortez had gamed them and branded her social libertarian focus on the community. (A Noam Chomsky Libertarian).
Given Bernie Sanders is both a popular mainstream Democrat (and a devout Democratic Socialist as well) Glen P. Robbins – the most accurate pollster and political hypothecator in the World predicts:
“That this takeover of the Democratic Party by Sanders Ocasio Cortez (Featuring Carlos Santana on lead guitar) is the 2nd greatest political move in many decades – 2nd only to the surprise win by Donald Trump in first the Republican primary and later in the 2016 race for President and states further THAT:
“The genesis of the move to the left was necessary to save the Democratic Party. However the DNC will now be forced to cater to the more progressive voices in the party – not necessarily Liberals-and whose voice is already carried by Bernie Sanders.”
I don’t know where there is room for Elizabeth Warren is this given the Undecided is just more than one in ten.
Ocasio Cortez manages to yank out (31%) of Hispanic American Voters from the whole (to Bernie Sanders) (22%) support among that same demographic. This pulls (5%) from President Trumps cache of Hispanic voters (41%) in my opinion.
Ocasio Cortez attracts (18%) of African American Voters – to Sander’s (55%) and Donald Trumps’ (16%).
(Seventy-two percent) of Asian American Voters support Donald Trump).
The big hurdle for Sanders Ocasio Cortez (maybe Ocasio Cortez Sanders soon enough) is that (52%) of respondent American Voters (net) see the economy as positive with President Trump responsible for that success.
This (52%) rises to over (60%) when only Decided Voters are considered.
Trump Republicans are in very good shape with American Voters heading toward the September turn and horse race finish for Senate and House – Democrats – may or may not be.
I would say that I now believe the ‘odds makers’ will be shown to be wrong this 2018 (when the party without the White House generally grabs control of the House – and sometimes Senate) and Trump will keep the Senate (shown at 50-50 by mainstream, and he may also hold the House.
Sanders and Ocasio Cortez have seen the Tea Leaves and are looking toward 2020 and what they believe will be a more arrogant Trump should he turn the tables on history and win, unless I have underestimated the Cortez blaze (with no desire to predict any ultimate failure for Trump).
Margin of Error: 1.88%. 'Street Value' of Poll: $U.S. $345,000.

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