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RSR ROBBINS (1998) John Horgan - Party support - voting method Referendum - Extremist Groups- Casino-Real Estate-Gov't money laundering- who to blame for NAFTA Trump or Trudeau?
  Jul 04, 2018

Question #1
What is your impression of BC Premier John Horgan’s performance to date? (Shown as net number)
(mostly) Positive (523)    52 %
(mostly) Negative (375)    37 %
Undecided/All Other (111)    11 %
Question #2
Which of these following political party labels in British Columbia do you prefer, if you had to choose? (Parties also shown to 100%)
BC NDP    44 %
BC Liberal    29 %
BC Green    21 %
BC Conservative    4 %
(new) BC Rebel Party    2 %
Undecided/All Other    12 %
Question #3
Would you like to see BC’s voting method changed -- away from first past the post which often permits a party to win a large majority with only 40% of the vote?
Yes    49 %
No    43 %
Undecided/All Other    9 %
Question #4
Former BC NDP Premier and Federal Liberal Minister Ujjal Dosanjh British Columbia’s 1st visible minority Premier, (who lost badly to longtime BC Liberal Leader and BC Premier Gordon Campbell in the 2001 BC provincial general election) is against changing the current first past the post method of voting in BC, because he believes a change to proportional representation will attract extremist groups. Do you agree with Mr. Dosanjh’s specific criticism of why BC’s voting system should not be changed?
Yes    7 %
No    86 %
Undecided/All Other    7 %
Question #5
If extremist groups are or become involved in BC politics which group identity from response choices offered will most likely comprise that extremist party?
Caucasian    9 %
Visible Minority    81 %
Question #6
International public opinion pollster Glen P. Robbins is demanding that the BC New Democrat government initiate and properly fund a full public inquiry into the known reported matter of what he believes to be multi- billion money laundering in BC Casinos connected to BC Real Estate speculation and mortgage fraud, &bank fraud also involving the Law Society of BC and BC Courts? Would you support a full and complete Public Inquiry into all of these institutions in the interest of the BC Public?
Yes    57 %
No    32 %
Undecided/All Other    11 %
Question #7
Which of the following political parties do you blame for the rampant fraud in BC Government, Casinos, Real Estate, BC Legal Profession, money lending including big banks?
BC Liberal Party governing from 2001-2017    68 %
BC NDP Opposition from 2001-2017    19 %
Both Liberal Party and BC NDP Party    6 %
Undecided/All Other    7 %
Question #8
Who is most to blame for no North American free trade agreement? (Response choices as follows):
President Donald Trump representing the United States    26 %
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau representing Canada    57 %
Both Trump and Trudeau are to blame    7 %
Undecided/All Other    10 %
Question #9
According to news reports more than one hundred politicians in the country of Mexico have been murdered in the run up to this years’ general election. Is Mexico a country that Canada should be doing business with?
Yes    21 %
No    63 %
Question #10
Now that the federal Liberal government under Justin Trudeau has purchased the Kinder Morgan – Trans Mountain pipeline have you become a supporter of the pipeline expansion?
Yes    30 %
No    54 %
Glen P. Robbins declares 3.5% Margin of Error.

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