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RSR ROBBINS - Glen P. Robbins presents: Trump versus Obama, Book III; & is it fair to call Republicans Nazis?
  Jun 11, 2018

Question #1
Baseline: Outcome U.S. Presidential election Nov. 2016 (for poll purposes)
Clinton, Democrat    48 %
Trump, Republican    47 %
Question #2
Which one of the following political brands would best describe your own political ideology?
Republican    42 %
Democrat    40 %
Independent/All Other (not including Undecided)    18 %
(Undecided)    5 %
Question #3
Which of the following political brands would best describe your own political ideology?
Conservative    36 %
Liberal    28 %
All Other    36 %
(Undecided)    10 %
Question #4
A person eligible to run for President of the United States may serve no more than 2 – four year terms. Would you support a Constitutional amendment made in order to accommodate former 2 term U.S. President Barack Obama to enable him to run against current U.S. President Donald Trump in 2020? (N.B. 22nd Amendment – can’t be elected more than twice --).
Yes    37.28 %
No    51.48 %
Question #5
How would you rate President Trump’s efforts on the economy? (ambush question – short and sweet after tougher work – eezy peezy question – honest answer imo) (Big numbers for Trump on economy!).
Good    55 %
Fair    24 %
Poor    21 %
(Undecided)    5 %
Question #6
In your opinion is it fair for search engines to post links to websites that define describing the Republican Party as possessing a Nazi ideology?
Yes    14.25 %
No    75.61 %
Question #7
Which of these two circumstances involving false accusations is worse? (Assumes negative bias)
To be falsely accused of being a Nazi    43 %
To be falsely accused of being a pedophile    52 %
Question #8
Entertainment Question: If President Donald Trump ran against (former) U.S. President Barack Obama in 2020 for real, or for the sake of argument, who would you be more likely to support at this moment in time? (N.B.‘Unconstitutional hypothetical’ – negative bias from previous question on Obama and amending constitution (respondent trap).
Donald Trump    53.61 %
Barack Obama    43.40 %
Donald Trump crushes Barack Obama with his majority support among American Voters 2016.
The reasons are simple - Barack Obama is not able to fight back because when he does it precipitates more negatives than positives - he got too (overly) invested with the Clintons and there is doubt about him with a few million more Voters. African American politics are not at their zenith with many American Voters less enthralled with ultra progressive 'aggression', so Trump takes a national percent of African American Voters from Democrat/Liberal (Obama), is even with Hispanic Latino Voters, and is rising sharply in popular support with Asian and Caucasian Voters.
In addition, Trump's numbers on the economy have significant buy in from Voters. Americans are invested of his deal with them, even many who profess not to like him.
Trump's critics have raised him supporters willing to become more Machiavellian to ensure his presidency goes forward.
I believe the American First agenda in on track with American Voters 2016.
I have Republicans ahead of Democrats. No other pollster does.
I have Conservatives way ahead of Liberals.
About 1 in 7 Americans connect Nazism to the Republican Party. To me this is not fair to the Republican Party because it is not remotely true.
Barack Obama is perceived by many American Voters to be Liberal - when he was president - liberal was in big time - it's off badly now.
This RSR ROBBINS Poll (survey) was conducted over the past week (June 3 & 4 2018 commence, June 9, 2018 ending). 10,980 respondents - MoEstimater < 1%.

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