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RSR ROBBINS Research - Canada Politics December 9, 2003
  Dec 09, 2003

A random sample of 1,150 respondents throughout British Columbia involving the sale of BC Rail, the involvement of BC Liberal government corruption, the potential use of drug traffick proceeds in private-public infrastructure development, Insider trading by BC Liberal government supported by both law enforcement and the Courts. This survey took place between December 1-7, 2003 and features an error rate of 2.5% 19 times out of 20 @ 98% competency.

Question #1
Do you support citizen demands for the delivery and publication of any and all contracts of sale of BC Rail between the BC Government and CN Rail?
Yes    72 %
No    28 %
Question #2
According to experts, the sale of BC Rail provides "insider" benefit to certain members of the legislature, and 379,000 public servants through pension funds. At the same time, 90% of BC's population do not receive any equal benefit. In your opinion is this fair?
Yes    06 %
No    94 %
British Columbians demand to see the contracts relating to the sale of BC Rail. The police don't have these do they? bcIMC, the government pension fund for Judges, and government employees are benefitting from illegal "insider" deals at the expense of other British Columbians.
Are bcIMC members being asked to 'buy-back in' to the current pension plan at risk of losing their money because of potential margin calls on the fund by Major Banks and other Financial institutions who hold the fund equity as collateral against BC government debt?
Are BC Liberal private-partnerships designed simply as 'Enron-like' transactions to ensure non-disclosure to the BC public?
Will the BC media look to cover-up this BC Rail fiasco the same way they covered-up all of the facts around the Kamloops double-murder and suicide surrounding multi-million dollar illegal dumping?
Have the BC Courts gotten involved in the BC Rail fiasco as a sort of 'shield' against full public disclosure?

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