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RSR ROBBINS (1998) Glen P. Robbins presents Trump v Clinton 2020 4 President - Book 2
  May 13, 2018

Question #1
Baseline from 2016 Election for President - 7 Big College States (California, Texas, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan). Who did you vote for in 2016 Election for President of the United States?
Hillary Clinton, Democrat    51 %
Donald Trump, Republican    45 %
Question #2
From 7 Big College States - If an Election were held today for President who would get your vote?
Donald Trump, Republican    50 %
Hillary Clinton, Democrat    45 %
Question #3
Who (if any) should get credit for the work done for Peace and 'denuclearization' on Korean Peninsula?
President Trump    54 %
U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo    33 %
Other/Undecided/All Other    12 %
Question #4
Which of the following countries is the United States most important strategic ally?
Israel    64 %
France    11 %
England/Great Britain    10 %
Canada    8 %
Question #5
In your opinion is abortion the taking of a life? (Shown as Decided)
Yes    67 %
No    33 %
(Undecided/All Other)    11 %
This is an RSR ROBBINS 'Poll' of 2016 Voters to see how they would vote today in a hypothetical recreation of contest for President between Donald J. Trump and Hillary R. Clinton.
Readers should bear in mind that Donald Trump is President, and Hillary Clinton has made no overture as to her interest in running in 2020.
Florida & New York had the weakest turnout in 2016 avg @ 50%. Michigan & Texas @ 60% + turnout, & Ohio, Pennsylvania, & California in the 70's.
Voting Power as follows: Florida, 9 million, Ohio 5 million +, Pennsylvania 5 million +, Michigan just< 5 million, California 13 million, Texas 9 million, New York > 7 million.
The big factor of change in outcome in this poll, as it was in RSR ROBBINS Book 1 Trump v Sanders - is Trump's rise in California.
Voters of all ethnic background are supporting Trump, not in droves, but by steady trickle.
Ultimately, many former Clinton voters are not with her, while some are having breakfast or lunch in Trump's tent, while only a few Trump supporters are going the other way.
In California Trump is up (11%), Clinton down (16%)
On a net basis (undecided factored) Trump is up (1%) in Florida, down (3%) (net) in Ohio, down (1%) in Pennsylvania, up (1.5%) in Michigan, (even) in Texas, up (4%) in New York.
Nearly 9/10 of respondents support either President Trump or Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Peace and denuclearization on Korean Peninsula.
Israel is like the cop you don't think about much until they can be of service. In 3 or 4 months Israel has gone from 40% 'support' in U.S, to 2 in 3, (a stunning result given the obvious competition).
Just < 7/10 American Voters consider abortion taking of a life.

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