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RSR ROBBINS (1998) Glen P. Robbins presents Trump v Sanders 2020 4 President - Book 1
  Apr 27, 2018

Question #1
(adjusted for baseline to mirror 2016 presidential) (only Hillary Clinton – Donald Trump). Who did you vote for in 2016 race for President? (All states – actual 48% + to 47% - Clinton)
Hillary Clinton, Democrat    51 %
*Donald Trump, Republican (*winner of Electoral College)    49 %
Question #2
If an election were held for President of the United States today which of these two choices only would you vote for? (California, Texas, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio & Michigan).
*Donald Trump, Republican (Incumbent)    53 %
Bernie Sanders, Democrat    47 %
Question #3
If 'denuclearization' of the Korean Peninsula occurs – soon, who should get the credit?
President Donald Trump    72 %
All Other    28 %
Question #4
(Push Question) What should U.S. President Donald Trump do about the Iran deal – where former U.S President Obama gave Iran billions of dollars in relation for security provisions of ‘some type’?
Honour the deal, keep our European allies happy and they will pay some of the ‘deal’ cost    23 %
Rip the deal up and treat Iran like North Korea, toe the line or else    54 %
More U.S. funding to Israeli Military    22 %
Question #5
(Challenge Question) Martin Luther King Day was brought in – in 1983. Yet, New Hampshire refused to accept the holiday until 2000. Should New Hampshire hereinafter be permitted the important role as 2nd primary in US contest for President 2020?
Yes    58 %
No    42 %
Question #6
From what you see – hear or know about the relationship between much of the mainstream press and President Donald Trump, do you believe the press treats him fairly?
Yes    32 %
No    68 %
Question #7
Is it your objective that Donald Trump be impeached?
Yes    14 %
No    86 %
Seven most populous U.S. States involved in RSR ROBBINS Poll. These include California, Texas, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio & Michigan (>40% of total U.S. population).
Overall, Donald Trump defeats Bernie Sanders (53%-47%) in early 2020 U.S. President poll in these must win States. An overlay of other states from 2016 Electoral Outcomes would likely make this {55%} to {45%} for Trump.
Pre Poll estimate by GPR, Sanders wins (55% to 44%). Actually, RSR outcome reveals Trump wins over Sanders in New York (52%-48%) Decided California/Texas 67,000,000 million population (RSR popularity Score – (780-720) Trump/Sanders. Texas (53%-47%) (636-564).
In the two most populous (highest College) States of the Union, Trump averages (59%) among Whites, (23%) African Americans, (51%) Hispanics, (60%) Asian, (37%) “Other”.
Florida/New York:
Florida (Pre Poll) estimate by GPR, 55%-44%, RSR outcome (55%-43%), Trump wins. Trump’s support among Whites (64%-36%), he loses African American to Sanders (29%-71%), wins Hispanic-Latino (54%-46%), wins Asians (58%-42%).
New York Pre Poll GPR estimate 54%-44%, actually RSR outcome reveals Trump beats Sanders in New York (51%-49%). Trump (24%) African Americans, (65%) Asian, (51%) Hispanic-Latino, (60%) whites.
Pennsylvania (Pre Poll) 53%-47% for Trump, RSR outcome Trump beats Sanders (55%-44%). Trump by ethnic: (60%) White, (22%) African American, (62%) Asian, (47%) Hispanic-Latino.
Trump wins 55%-44%. Trump White (63%), African American, Ohio (32%), Hispanic-Latino + Duality (58%), Asian (62%).
Pre poll estimate GPR Trump wins 54%-44%, RSR outcome Sanders wins (51%-48%). Trump (52%) White, (21%) African American, (68%) Asian, (55%) Hispanic-Latino.
Some surprises here. Trump not only competing but winning in State of New York and California, a closer race for ‘support’ (than expected) but a win nonetheless for Trump in Texas (like 2016), a Republican stronghold, an easy support win in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania.
An RSR ‘support’ win in a close race in hypothetical Michigan 2020 for Sanders.
Sanders needs California and New York back in the (D) win (“support”) column, and to hold onto Michigan in Election, a State now held by Trump – to be viable versus Trump. The unexpected closer than expected win for Trump in Texas should also prompt Sanders to get into the 2020 election fray sooner than later, rather than waiting for the mainstream news to ‘decide’ on his behalf (Emphasis here).
Trump has huge political capital backing his negotiation (a deal you can’t refuse) with North Korea, & Iran’s in tough with Americans these days, the press is perceived as unfair to Trump by a clear majority of Americans and impeachment imaginings (Mueller etc) are lightning fast becoming annoying to most Americans, suggesting causal inference of mutual benefit with press bias.
The swamp gong shows in the DOJ are kryptonite to Bernie Sanders who needs to harness libertarians of some stripe to hold a candle to Trump in 2020. Jill Stein Green Party leader should be of interest to him. Democrat 'phenom' State of Hawaii’s Tulsi Gabbard should also interest him.
Poll of 5,260 American Voters (2016)based on proportion to vote outcome, scored an made a %. MOEstimate (1.5%)plus or minus. Place undecided/other @ 6%.

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