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RSR ROBBINS - Vancouver Civic Election (2018) For Mayor/Cambridge
  Apr 24, 2018

Question #1
With longtime Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson leaving Vancouver politics and not running in 2018 civic elections forthcoming, which of these following candidates for Vancouver Mayor would you mostly likely support? (‘alleged’ voters from last civic election-shown to 100%).
Well known Vancouver New Democrat MLA & activist Spencer Chandra Hebert (“SCH”)    37 %
Former Vancouver resident, long time ‘deemed world class’ Surrey mayor & Conservative MP Dianne Watts (“DW”)    35 %
Original Green Party Leader, environment activist and current Vancouver city councilor Adriane Carr-(“AC”)    28 %
Question #2
Have you of late: read, watched on television, heard on radio, or otherwise been made aware of negative controversy regarding a company named Cambridge?
Yes    57 %
No    34 %
"YES"(61%) SCH, (54%) DW, (74%) AC, Undecided/Other (29%).
"NO" (27%) SCH, (35%) DW, (17%) AC, Undecided/Other (62%).
Methodology: 1,013 ‘voters’ – mostly digit dialing who believe or assert they may have voted in the last civic election in Vancouver 2014 or are likely to vote in this upcoming one. RSR ROBBINS "MoEstimate", (2.0%) plus or minus - April 5th-14th, 2018

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