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RSR ROBBINS (1998) BC Poll - Pipeline Issue spring 2018
Read poll while listening to Gimme Shelter (Rolling Stones) for max fun.  Apr 14, 2018

Question #1
Which of the following British Columbia political leaders and party would you vote for if an Election were held in the Province of British Columbia today? (Shown to 100%)
John Horgan & BC New Democrats    44 %
Andrew Wilkinson & BC Liberals    34 %
Dr. Andrew Weaver & BC Greens    18 %
Dan Brooks & BC Conservatives*    2 %
(Undecided)    7 %
Question #2
Which of the following Canadian political leaders and party would you vote for if a Federal Election were held in Canada today? (Shown as “Decided”)
Andrew Scheer/Conservatives    31 %
Jagmeet Singh/New Democrats    28 %
Justin Trudeau/Liberals    24 %
Elizabeth May/Greens    16 %
(Undecided/Can’t - Won’t Answer)    11 %
Question #3
If a Referendum were held in the Province of British Columbia to determine the fate of Alberta oil transported to coastline which of the response choices BEST reflects your personal opinion of what direction leaders should take moving forward?
Get Moving on Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline expansion    25 %
Support BC New Democrats resisting Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline expansion    37 %
Support reconsideration of Northern Gateway pipeline to Port Renfrew, BC    30 %
None of these    8 %
(Undecided)    6 %
Question #4
Should British Columbia engage/invite its friends in Washington State government similarly affected by the Trans Mountain Kinder Morgan pipeline in any legal applications to either U.S. or Canadian court?
Yes    54 %
No    30 %
Undecided/All Other    16 %
Question #5
The Provinces of Alberta, Ontario & Quebec have provincial elections coming up soon. Justin Trudeau and Federal Government goes to election is slightly less than one year. Are you willing to spend dollars on a BC Election on the basis of the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain ‘crises?
Yes    32 %
No    67 %
(Undecided)    1 %
1.302 Random Respondents (say they are provincial-federal voters 2017 & 2015) contacted predominantly by digit dialing, throughout all parts of British Columbia ‘somewhat familiar’ with news about pipeline issues, most particularly the political battle between and among Province of British Columbia on one side and Province of Alberta and Canada on the other.
Margin of Error presented as (2.5%) plus or minus in the usual way 95/100.
In BC, the New Democrat/Green Alliance is doing very well increasing support from 2017 Provincial Election vote by (11%). The so called centre right coalition of BC Liberals et al is down (20%), since the election, with BC Liberals engaged in leadership contest during the period and BC Conservatives historically more a distraction than a serious contender for votes and power.
In context of the commercial aspect of the pipeline issue, the federal coalition can be seen predominantly as (federal) Liberal or (federal) Conservative. Since the 2015 federal election the numbers for the coalition are down over (20%) due to Liberal support dwindling, and Green support increasing as former Trudeau supporters join Greens.
The Leap Manifesto has actually materialized in British Columbia on the basis of solid average New Democrat and Green support & – thanks in (noteworthy) part to the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline issue.
Question 3 really euthanizes Kinder Morgan, Conservatives, New Democrats even BC Greens are willing to flock to support for a northern pipeline.
John Horgan and BC New Democrats have much more support than Justin Trudeau and federal Liberals & the average of BC Alliance support is equal to or better than average of commercial coalitions imagined.
Question 4 also bodes well for ‘International’ support with Washington State (“Comity”) as British Columbians particularly those residing in Lower Mainland (Vancouver) and Vancouver Island appear more supportive of our American friends than Alberta.
British Columbians don’t want on election based on the pipeline issue. British Columbians support a pipeline to tidewater, the Trudeau government chose the wrong one.
J Horgan, BC NDP (52%) Van Island, (46%) Lower Mainland (most pop.), (35%) North, Southern Interior + Kootenay. A Wilkinson, BC Liberal: (21%), (36%), (38%); A Weaver, BC Green: (25%), (16%), (22%).
J. Trudeau, fed Lib: (18%), (25%), (12%), A. Scheer: fed Con: (19%), (28%), (41%); J Singh fed NDP (30%), (26%), (29%); E. May & fed Green: (33%), (11%), (18%).

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