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RSR ROBBINS - 20th Anniversary - British Columbia-Ontario: What English Canadians think-
  Mar 08, 2018

Question #1
Which leader & party would you support if an Election were held in the Province of British Columbia today? (Decided #'s reflected)
John Horgan & BC New Democrats    43 %
Andrew Wilkinson & BC Liberals    33 %
Dr. Andrew Weaver & BC Greens    20 %
Leader & BC Conservatives    2 %
(Undecided)    9 %
Question #2
If the Ontario provincial election were held today which of the following leaders and party would you support?
Caroline Mulroney, Progressive Conservative Ontario    39 %
Kathleen Wynne, Liberal Ontario    32 %
Andrea Horvath, New Democrat Ontario    27 %
All Other    2 %
(Undecided)    12 %
Question #3
(BC Federal) If a federal election were held today which leader & party would you vote for?
Andrew Scheer/Conservatives    32 %
Jagmeet Singh/New Democrats    32 %
Justin Trudeau/Liberals    25 %
Elizabeth May/Greens    9 %
(Undecided)    16 %
Question #4
(Ontario Federal) If a federal election were held today which leader & party would you vote for?
Justin Trudeau/Liberals    37 %
Andrew Scheer/Conservatives    34 %
Jagmeet Singh/New Democrats    25 %
Elizabeth May/Greens    4 %
Undecided/All Other    13 %
Question #5
Off the following political legal ideals is of greater importance to you? (Combined, Ontario is 2.5 times pop-weighted,responses to Decided)
Protect Government Institutions which serve the public interest    29 %
Protect the public interest which leads to better government institutions    64 %
Neither of These    7 %
(Undecided)    13 %
Question #6
In your opinion, does the Federal government spend too much, too little, or just the correct amount of money, time & resources on minority issues?
Too much    56 %
Too little    17 %
Just the correct amount    27 %
Undecided/All Other    16 %
Question #7
Do you agree or disagree with federal government budget and well promoted allocation of funds for gender equity programs in Canada?
Yes    46 %
No    43 %
Undecided/Canít Answer    9 %
Question #8
Does it trouble you that this allocation of federal government resources is intended to benefit only federal employees?
Yes    45 %
No    42 %
(Undecided)    13 %
Question #9
Should e commerce companies like Google & Facebook, as well as others with offices in Canada and benefit of revenues from Canadian newspapers and broadcasters be forced to pay taxes like every other corporation?
Yes    44 %
No    42 %
Margin of Error-Estimate at (3%) Ontario, (2%) BC. Survey conducted through the budget week.
John Horgan's New Democrats have bare hold of government, but comfortable lead in polls.
I used Ontario Progressive Conservative leadership candidate Caroline Mulroney as she won my poll over Christine Elliot and Doug Ford Jr. She attains near (40%)here, difficult to compare with ordinary news polls (onp) of late.
BC is tilted more left than Ontario but BC reacts as centre right by response inference to policy questions.
For instance in question 2 on minority rights, Ontario PC (68%) too much time and resources, Ontario Liberal (64%) too little, Ontario NDP (39%) too much, (26%) too little.
BC New Democrats (34%) too much, (28%) too little, (38%) just right. BC Liberals (76%) too much, (18%) too little, BC Greens (28%) too much, (17%) too little.
'New Democrats in Ontario & BC' want a tax on Internet Giants (52%), while (21%) said N0. Liberals (38%) Yes, (47%) NO, Conservatives (40%) Yes, (45%) NO. Greens (57%) Yes, (32%) NO.

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