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RSR ROBBINS R 20th Anniversary POP - Ontario PC Leadership Review by Glen P. of Christine Elliot, Doug Ford Jr., Caroline Mulroney, Patrick Brown, Tanya Allen -
  Feb 20, 2018

Question #1
Which of the following candidates do you believe would make the BEST Premier of Ontario & Leader of Progressive Conservatives, Province of Ontario? (Outcomes to 100%, Undecided is Noted @29%).
Doug Ford JR    31 %
Caroline Mulroney    25 %
Christine Elliot    20 %
Patrick Brown    19 %
Tanya Granic Allen    5 %
(Undecided)    29 %
Question #2
BC and Alberta are in a trade dispute involving pipelines and wine. The National Energy Board of Calgary Alberta approved on behalf of the Trudeau Liberal federal government an expansion of pipelines by 5 times, to British Columbia, sufficient to occupy fully one half of BC harbor time. The oil is crude oil at least 10 times more difficult to clean up than refined oil. Albertan oil companies are complaining they are losing $20 a day, every day because of delays. Economists are saying Canada will lose up to $20 Billion per year because of delays. BC is saying, our lower mainland is at risk (the company seeking expansion had a rupture in the city - well known), our coastlines are at risk, and risk is higher because of weather in BC. Glen P. Robbins Political Business Expert offers a compromise…… (W)hy not have the TRUDEAU Federal government, Province of Alberta & Alberta Oil Companies pay BC $5 of the $20 per barrel to BC they are throwing away, raise security for spill response from $1 Billion to $10 Billion &/or have the main beneficiary, China, pay for a Refinery in Alberta, which British Columbians' actually support? Would you as a Conservative support Glen P. Robbins either compromise? Here are your response choices (11% Repeater).
I support Compensation to BC, but not a China refinery    42 %
I support Both Compensation to BC & a China refinery    23 %
I do not support either proposal (alternatives)    24 %
Undecided    11 %
Question #3
(Entertainment-Baseline by Inference) Who would assess, in hindsight, to be the better political leader?
Former Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper    32 %
Former Conservative Finance Minister Jim Flaherty    39 %
Undecided/All Other    29 %
Q 1
Because of high Undecided these numbers are obviously tighter. This is an unbelievable political race..for relatively smug Ontario (smug > arrogance), so short…it looks American. Patrick Brown was kicked out as leader because of sexual misconduct allegations. The Canadian mainstream news referred to one complainant as “underage” (under 16 criminal code), or “high school” (inferring possibility of underage or supporting it). It turned out, after Brown got booted that the complainant was in fact of drinking age, and was drinking in a bar lawfully when she says the alleged misconduct occurred.
The news agency behind the original story, CTV News (Bell Media) acknowledged the original claims of underage and high school were not as reported, but repeated it was standing by its story.
Doug Ford Jr. is leading in support without any doubt in my mind, and despite my Margin of Error Estimate (Survey not poll) of 3% would defy this, but I believe Mulroney is 2nd, but charging. She appears to stand out somewhat from the rest and appears by indirect evidence to have the 1st best shot at the huge pile of Undecided (on a net basis the highest response).
Patrick Brown’s in this. Doug Ford Jr. says he doesn’t like him. Given this is a sprint more than a race, and only serves as qualifier to Election coming in 3 months – I like Ford’s position, but where will he grow? Brown needs to get into the undecided pile and cull Independents’ though Ford’s personality appears naturally to be better and more interesting.
(Having said that Brown looks like he is ready to hold nothing back and may spark a trend toward him).
Don't mess with a missionary man eh?
I am not sure if Christine Elliott is a pony or a stud in this race. Allen has a few nice power coins in her pantsuit—hold them tight and don’t let them go.
Q 2
Caroline Mulroney highest support with (62%) supporting one or other ‘Compensation’ package, with Christine Elliott @ (51%). Both Ford Jr. & Brown have more in support of ‘Compensation’ than against. It must be noted that two of four response options are for Compensation (50%), two of three (66.666%), if Undecided (All Other) is excluded.
Q 3
(Thirty nine percent) (39%) of Caroline Mulroney supporters are Undecided (All Other).
Mostly digit dialing, conducted ‘last few days’ RSR ROBBINS MOEstimate: (3%), GTA & Ottawa,” intend or very likely to vote Conservative”

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