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RSR ROBBINS - R 20th Anniversary POP - BC Leaders & Party, Opting Out- Child Care -BC/Canada Justice
  Feb 16, 2018

Question #1
Identified as BC Voters 2017 paying attention to ‘pipeline politics’: If an Election were held in British Columbia tomorrow who might you be supporting today: (leaders and party (and other) to 100%). (%’s shown modified upward).
John Horgan & BC New Democrats    43 %
Andrew Wilkinson & BC Liberals    32 %
Dr. Andrew Weaver & BC Greens    21 %
(Undecided)    9 %
Question #2
Glen P. Robbins Political Legal Expert Says ® BC is allowed to opt out of any legal obligation where constitutional –charter programs are concerned, and could opt out of the Trans Mountain-Kinder Morgan pipeline order altogether, after seeking advice on the constitutionality of the matter before the Supreme Court of Canada. If that Court decides to respond to the question, and then decided that BC could opt out of the pipeline decision, would you support your BC government opting out of the Trudeau Trans Mountain pipeline project? (5% repeat –higher Undecided).
Yes    49 %
No    37 %
Question #3
With the need for more school teachers in BC well identified and many young BC families enduring high living costs would you support and be willing to subsidize inexpensive daycare for all eligible BC families?
Yes    64 %
No    35 %
Question #4
Would you support the Trans Mountain pipeline if the crude currently scheduled for future shipment to China---- instead of being the worst oil – crude oil, that crude oil were 1st refined in Alberta (thus) far less threatening to BC’s environment?
Yes    50 %
No    47 %
Question #5
If you could advise the Premier and Cabinet and collectively had all opt out power which of these would you choose to opt out of if you could only choose one?
I would opt out of ‘the pipeline’    45 %
I would opt out of legalizing marijuana    20 %
I would opt out of paying terrorists million of dollars in settlement amounts*    29 %
I would not opt out of any of these    6 %
*Unlikely     %
Question #6
Do you have absolute confidence in BC/Canada’s system of justice?
Yes    40 %
No    53 %
Q 1
Premier Horgan and BC New Democrats are in good political shape. He is at least at net 2017 Election Totals and trending upward. New BC Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson is off BC Liberal Election Totals [41%], but a shrewd man like he- would accept these numbers all day long immediately following an unexpected win. Weaver & BC Greens are marching steadily upward since May 2017 BC Election. Will electoral finance reform assist BC Greens to become real players in British Columbia?
(Mainstreet Research came out weeks ago with Dr. Weaver’s BC Greens (a health food product) @ over 25%, I came after with as John Ivison says-“less frothy” totals for BC Greens, but over (20%), with Dr. Weaver’s positives on the grow. I had identified (relatively) high positives for both Weaver and Party published months ago).
BC New Democrats score (45%) on Vancouver Island – (their clubhouse), (44%) in Vancouver City, Lower Mainland (43%), North and Interior (28%), & East Kootenay (53%). BC Liberals (21%) on Vancouver Island, (30%) throughout Vancouver City and the Lower Mainland, (34%) in North and Interior, (27%) in East Kootenay.
Dr. Weaver and BC Green Party: Vancouver Island (29%), Vancouver City (19%), Lower Mainland (18%), North & Interior (20%), & East Kootenay (18%).
If a BC Election were held today, Premier John Horgan and BC New Democrats would win easy majority. How will BC NDP & BC Greens divide up Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberals in the process?
Q 2
Expect repeats and ‘Undecided’s’ to increase on wordy questions, however pre qualified pipeline respondents are holding to concept of “No to Pipeline at any Cost” versus Trans Mountain Kinder Morgan, Province of Alberta, Justin Trudeau Federal Liberal Party of Canada.
Q 3
I don’t know if the need for more school teachers has been disputed – the obvious correlation of need the idea there are more children going to school and parents putting all of their energy into raising their children – gone is the old school attitude – ‘we didn’t need daycare’ – still perking around the time Jean Chretien and Paul Martin were Liberal Prime Ministers (2002-2006). British Columbians' were warming more to the idea of subsidized daycare over the last 15 years. Housing affordability issues have changed this subsidized daycare in context is a go.
Q 4
Refining the crude oil 1st is the only thing that turns this Trans Mountain tanker around and keeps it from running aground. What is Justin Trudeau going to say—some of the oil is going to California, after Quebec has averted its own pipeline issues (Trudeau’s riding is in Montreal Quebec)- and Quebec and California have their own environmental bargain – the unfairness to BC is stark. There is more politics than good law in this for BC.
Q 5
I doubt very much that it is possible to opt out of government settlements and (terrorists) is provocative language, yet we can see it continues to irritate British Columbians. The fact that “I would not opt out of any of these” is @ (6%) reveals a negative attitude toward Ottawa and the Trudeau government.
Trudeau’s federal government is preoccupied with a budget and changes to stock options – and may not see the opt out option in BC.
Q 6
Somewhere somehow the people’s respect for the justice system has diminished-lawyers are perceived negatively, and now justices, (lawyers appointed by Prime Minister), are similarly regarded. In BC it began with BC Rail, at least dubious dealings that occurred in that deal, a trial that seemed to exist to case manage the fiasco past the 2010 Vancouver Olympics-and payouts to convicted criminals valued in ‘terrorist millions’. Now with social media people are less afraid to speak out, and given the justice system that may be corrupt as poorly as it is managed, it finds its reputation under a pile of rubble.
RSR ROBBINS MOEstimate as hybrid statistical/mathematic digit dialing on predominantly landlines average age of respondent 43 (11% unknown age) take Feb 12, 13, 14 & 15th, 2018. One thousand and thirteen respondents: (3%).

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