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RSR ROBBINS - R 20th Anniversary POP - American Voters join Trump's Republican Parade
  Feb 15, 2018

Question #1
Who did you vote for in 2016 Election for U.S. President? (Adjusted)
Hillary Clinton, Democrat    48 %
Donald Trump, Republican    47 %
Question #2
Which of these political brands best describes your political view today?
Republican    27 %
Democrat    27 %
Conservative    19 %
Liberal    15 %
Green    3 %
Libertarian    1 %
Question #3
Do you support your President and Commander In Chief Donald J. Trump today?
Yes    48 %
No    37 %
Question #4
Do you support the Trump/Republican Tax Bill including increased spending for U.S. Military and additional hundreds of Billions in Social Welfare spending aka Infrastructure spending?
Yes    51 %
No    41 %
Question #5
Do you support President Trump’s position that all sexual harassment complaints involving federal employees should follow due process of law?
Yes    72 %
No    22 %
Question #6
Should allegations of sexual assault or physical assault involving federal employees always follow due process of law in terms of continued employment?
Yes    39 %
No    51 %
Question #7
Should allegations of sexual assault or physical assault involving federal employees working at the White House always follow due process of law when security is involved?
Yes    31 %
No    64 %
Question #8
Do you support the continuation of the Russian Election Probe & Mueller investigation?
Yes    29 %
No    65 %
Question #9
(International) Is it “necessary” and “essential” for the United States to conclude any agreement under NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) with both Canada & Mexico in 2018?
Yes    36 %
No    60 %
Question #10
(International) Now that millions of Americans are watching North and South Korea together at the 2018 Winter Olympics are you comfortable that North Korea has good faith and wants to get rid of its nuclear arsenal?
Yes    11 %
No    72 %
Question #11
(Entertainment): Do you support President Trump’s $200 million Military Parade to be held annually in Washington DC in order to honour America’s military? ($200 million was my choice after noting most language is constituted in billions. President Trump floated $20 million?? Is this possible??).
Yes    44 %
No    37 %
Question #12
Do you have confidence in U.S. Justice System & Elite Journalism at major newspapers and cable television?
Yes    42 %
No    53 %
I declare MOEstimate 1.5% response over 90%, 2.5-3.0% under 90% to escalate commencing February last few days unil Valentines Day -President Trump’s numbers acquired the highest (3,240), but over longer period of time - State of the Union onward. (In my world) (for context) Trump has maintained 50% consistent support for 6 months. In 2017 the press in America was really quite insane..look back.
Trump (in my world) has pulled back in support marginally, however the # of those against him is dropping. Undecided is quite high considering it is Trump and the hysteria of news 2017.
Trump now has a wonderful mix of support all things considered: Republican (94%) ------Conservatives (86%), Democrats (7%), Liberals (3%), Greens (near zero), Libertarians (52%). Generally every other pollster in America has Trump support 38%-46% (low high).
I have Trump support (Decided) well into the 50 percentile, and a new base of support creeping up to Election Totals (2016).
Conservative support for Trump Republican Tax Bill, Spending on Society, City and Towns America (Massive Infrastructure Spending) (to match China’s own internal policy for massive infrastructure development) is lower than Conservative support for Trump. A lot of Trump supporters are Conservatives, that wing of the Republican Party must seriously consider its rigorous defense of fiscal prudence. Trump supporters will do anything in their power to defeat China in an economic war, with the Bill in play, people liking it (32% believe they have benefited, (17% No).
The Trump Republican Party is gambling that other capitalist policy measures introduced in front of the social spending annoying a third of Conservatives, is compensated for by the increase of Democrat support on the Tax Bill (17%). Trump’s base doesn’t mind being Republican so long as he keeps his word the best he can, and at least try to get tangible evidence of work being done.
Their Wall demand is really – the least satisfaction you can provide. American Voters want evidence of show me don’t tell me-the President – Ivanka dressed in border guard outfit and a bullhorn (goosebumps).
Look at the numbers pulled off for journalism now higher. (Introduced published similar numbers: Edelman).
In this instance the word Elite was attached to journalism used conjunctively. These aren’t great numbers at all, more the possibility of recovery looming? That Trump sledgehammer was really disconcerting. American Voters are long past the Trump personality I believe, there is a lot going on focused on the House and Senate, and its not easy to follow – but frankly there is a thirst to be engaged with a lot on the table.
The party that looks to be the most in the way of stopping American growth and new destiny with a view to social outreach will suffer the most in 2018. I believe support among African American males to President Trump is over (20%) much higher than African American females who support Trump (8%).
American males of every stripe are red white and blue Trump. Seventy percent of Caucasian American Voters support President Trump, (67%) Asian males, (54%) Hispanic support, these are really good numbers.. This is being called the Money talks presidency.
The US Supreme Court said its coming out with federal rules for employees. When?
Look at Korea’s creep – yes American Voters have no trust in NOKO, but I’ve uncovered worse numbers for North Korea. I call the 2018 Winter Olympics a little breathing room only.
Frankly, I honestly believe the Dow Jones sensed this political change I just discovered ahead of time. (not the usual attributes ascribed to the stock market). Remember after the drop – President Trump’s comments about good news stocks go up. A good pollster uses every algorithm, indicator and piece of news as associate influences in making questions and being a smart political judge.
The engorgement of information, the points of contact with technology, dependence to degree on Amazon, Google, Face Book, Apple – media as public relations exercise and not news, too much subsidy of cool good sense – a sense of perspective and way way less high drama would be of great value.
I maintain belief we will experience at least one quarter under Trump of double digit growth.

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