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International Pollster Glen P. Robbins calls UBC-BC Liberal-BC Lottery-Asia Pacific Poll - Dubious
  Oct 25, 2017

Liberal-BC Lottery-University of BC poll—in Financial Post (Vancouver (of course) suggests 70% of Canadians want Free Trade with China.
Oh yea - sure they do.
The poll is sponsored by Asia Pacific Organization, a lobby organization for trade between Asia and Canada. On its face the poll is dubious because of the sponsor—there is an obvious conflict.
Justin Trudeau selected an Asian Pacific executive to be a Senator. I know the process, I was a candidate. The Asian candidate was selected by a top fund raiser for Christy Clark, who even had a huge fundraiser at her home for Christy Clark.
The University of British Columbia has no credibility. It’s Law School was named after a millionaire real estate agent. It is well known BC realtors and Asian investors manipulated the BC real estate market by 40% by selling contracts between themselves (falsely inflating values). It is well known that BC Liberals – and UBC is their University (not the NDP’s)—and well known that liberals and Chinese go together well.
UBC lawyers have earned a fortune participating in massive sub prime mortgage fraud that will hurt many real Canadians.
The poll suggests that a majority of Conservatives support trade with China – this is rubbish- there aren’t 17 true Conservatives in this province that would enter into free trade with a socialist-autocratic government. No chance.
The BC Government benefitted from the fraud as higher revenues were derived or retained as more homeowners were no longer eligible for grants.
To be quite frank, I would believe a poll that suggested 70% of Canadians (can barely) tolerate Asian people would be more likely accurate as painful as this suggestion might be to a few, or alternatively 70% of Canadians would likely support a ban on Asian investment in real estate – because we cannot trust them, and for good reason.
Most British Columbians not of Asia background can barely tolerate Asian immigrants, and are mad as hell at how they have negatively impacted affordability housing with their Chinese government SANCTIONED fraud of our communities.
Canadians support free trade with the US nearly to these numbers, because the US are our neighbors and predominantly White, —Canadians live mostly near the US Canada border – it makes sense-we go back and forth to each other’s countries.
As indicated – does any right thinking person believe Canadian beyond the Liberals whose allies are the Chinese-support Chinese-Canadian free trade? Canadians don’t trust Chinese—Asians generally as a brand—would do little better.
Does alone believe people on the Prairies or Quebec support this trade to this level? Of course they don’t. Ontario – wants business with America – China is not important to them.
Many Canadians think North Korea when they think Asian.
That Premier John Horgan would permit a BC funded post secondary institution to be part of this nonsense –(I note the sponsor isn’t disclosed in the article until wayyyyy down the piece – keeping the eye on the headline the institution brand (UBC) and the silly suggested outcome. Liberals are the rump in his party – and UBC is no friend to him or his Government.

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