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RSR ROBBINS - Sweet Home Alberta feat: Notley, Kenney, Gretsky, Anthem, Aboriginals,Trans Mountain
  Sep 28, 2017

Question #1
If a provincial election were held in Alberta today, which candidate & party from those offered (only) would you support?
Rachel Notley Alberta NDP    38 %
Jason Kenney United Conservative    40 %
Other/Undecided    22 %
Question #2
If an election were to be held a few months to a year from now, would you seriously consider voting for NHL and Edmonton Oiler hockey great Wayne Gretsky to lead the United Conservative Party of Alberta and become Premier of Alberta?
Yes    44 %
No    34 %
Undecided    22 %
Question #3
In your opinion do the Edmonton Oilers NHL hockey team have a reasonable chance of making it to the Stanley Cup Finals in 2018?
Yes    44 %
No    32 %
Question #4
In your opinion do the Calgary Flames NHL hockey team have a reasonable chance of making it to the Stanley Cup Finals in 2018?
Yes    8 %
No    65 %
Question #5
Do you current support Justin Trudeau’s Federal Liberal Party of Canada?
Yes    19 %
No    71 %
Undecided    10 %
Question #6
In your opinion should aboriginal groups have a significant say in provincial policy making as it relates to resource extraction involving lands impacting those aboriginal groups in Alberta?
Yes    8 %
No    72 %
Question #7
Would you be satisfied if no national anthems were played at professional sporting events held in the Province of Alberta?
Yes    34 %
No    43 %
I am indifferent have no opinion/Undecided    23 %
Question #8
Would you like to see profession athletes in Canada take a knee or otherwise protest during the playing of national anthem about the poor treatment of aboriginal people in Canada?
Yes    23 %
No    63 %
Question #9
Should the Government(s) of Alberta, Canada be permitted to force new pipelines through British Columbia for shipment of Alberta crude oil to China?
Yes    52 %
No    39 %
Alberta NDP Premier holds her vote support (Decided value). Jason Kenney holds sway with an estimated (77%) of former Progressive Conservative & Wildrose voters.
Notley holds (46%) support in Edmonton with equivalent or higher support in her current holdings in Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Red Deer and others. Rachel Notley is over (50%) support in Lethbridge and Leduc.
Jason Kenney is weak in Edmonton, the province’s capital (28%) (36% Decided). He does measurably better in Calgary with (46%) (58% Decided). Kenney averages (29%-30%) (36% Decided) in Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Leduc and Red Deer. He attracts average (45%) in places like Fort McMurray, Grande Prairie, Lloydminster & Drumheller, which support Progressive Conservatives in the previous general provincial election, which evidenced Rachel Notley’s upstart NDP Party defeat Jim Prentice and Progressive Conservative Party which has led Albertans for most of its history.
The centre right vote was split among the Progressive Conservatives and Wildrose Party, their respective members have since voted to merge and Kenney is apparently the person who will lead them.
Jason Kenney was former Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s right hand man in the Federal Conservative government. He has political baggage, particularly on the Canada Pension file – which to me appears to have connotations of criminal malfeasance, at least to misfeasance, the evidence to support a serious problem involving the Conservative government under Harper – Jason Kenney Minister is without doubt and with well published record.
I have used the word “crook(s)” in public discourse.
Rachel Notley is clearly outperforming expectations, which holds her close to her winning electoral totals.
Here is where Rachel Notley gains an advantage she might not be aware of. In areas where Wildrose was voted in – many smaller communities – she holds (28%) support, (39% Decided). Jason Kenney scores slightly less than his provincial average @ (37%) support (51% Decided).
The Undecided in Edmonton, Calgary and other larger cities mentioned {Red Deer {100,000}, Lethbridge {95,000} is (24%).
The Undecided in Progressive Conservative country Calgary {1,240,000}, Grande Prairie {65,000}, Fort McMurray {61,000} is (30%), and escalates to Wildrose rural ridings.
Wayne Gretsky beats or is equal to Jason Kenney everywhere including Notley strongholds.
Albertans have more confidence in the NHL Edmonton Oilers reaching the Stanley Cup Finals than they do Calgary Flames.
Justin Trudeau isn’t far off his 2015 Election totals. But he is slipping everywhere in the West.
Eight per cent of Albertans support Aboriginals having ‘a say’ (sic) in public policy making (10% Decided).
Alberta has the 3rd highest aboriginal population in Canada at (3%) of population. Support generally follows where aboriginals are in Aboriginals are resident in the province, primarily Edmonton & Calgary cities.
An estimated (40% Decided) of Albertans would be fine with no national anthems playing prior to professional sporting matches. Just > (25%) (Decided) would support athletes taking a knee or otherwise protesting during playing of the national anthem, similar support accorded to similar protests for African Americans/others in US professional sports.
Albertans (55% to 45% Decided) believe Alberta & Canada should be able to force pipelines on BC.
(British Columbians are against the Trans Mountain (Kinder Morgan) pipeline (55% to 45%)).
1,013 respondents September 18-25, 2017. Margin of Error (3%+). Voters - last Alberta provincial election. -30-

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