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United States Poll - RSR ROBBINS - Every State in the Union - President Trump over 50% and Marching-(Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Mark Zuckerberg , English & Immigrants, Freedom/Taxes, Abortion, NAFTA, Tax Reform
To Love Somebody - by the Bee Gees.  Sep 18, 2017

Question #1
Do you currently support Donald Trump's efforts as President - to Keep America Safe?
Yes    53.5 %
No    39 %
Question #2
Do you support Donald Trump's 'overall performance' as President of the United States?
Yes    49 %
No    41 %
Question #3
Do you support President Donald Trump's 'specific performance' in his Constitutional role as Commander in Chief if the United States Military?
Yes    57 %
No    31 %
Question #4
Is it fair comment - to say - that most Americans have a 'love-hate' relationship with President Donald Trump?
Yes    52.5 %
No    46.5 %
Question #5
Is it fair comment -to say that Donald Trump is a far better President than he was a presidential candidate for the Republican Party?
Yes    65.5 %
No    29.5 %
Question #6
Would you like to see former First Lady Michelle Obama run for President of the United States in 2020?
Yes    36.5 %
No    55.5 %
Question #7
Would you seriously consider (or reconsider) voting for Hillary Clinton if she were to run for President of the United States in 2020?
Yes    31 %
No    67 %
Question #8
Would you seriously consider supporting FaceBook CEO Mark Zuckerberg if he were run for President in 2020?
Yes    26 %
No    41.5 %
Question #9
Which of the following military options, as offered in this question by the pollster - if you must choose one - do you favor in dealing with rogue nation North Korea ("NOKO")?
After careful planning NUKE NOKO and then sort it out    22 %
Permit the nation of Japan to re militarize, becoming a 2nd counterweight with South Korea (    21 %
Turn up economic sanctions on NOKO to maximum warp    37.5 %
Continue talking with allies, Chinese, and NOKO    19 %
Question #10
Should the United States pursue or continue to pursue economic policies of greater self sufficiency and independence?
Yes    66 %
No    26.5 %
Question #11
Should new immigrants applying for status or citizenship of any kind to the United States, under any program or policy, be required by law to possess a reasonable grasp of speaking the English language to be accepted in the country?
Yes    60 %
No    36 %
Question #12
In your opinion is there a connection or personal correlation between your personal freedom and the taxes you pay to government?
Yes    65 %
No    25.5 %
Question #13
Should every woman of legal age, resident in the United States have a constitutional right to demand an abortion?
Yes    42.5 %
No    44.5 %
Question #14
Is it of importance to you that the United States complete a new North American Free Trade Agreement with Canada and Mexico - SOON!
Yes    27.5 %
No    56.5 %
Question #15
Which of the following response choices BEST reflects new tax legislation you would prefer the Trump Administration and Congress agree to, and then pass into law?
Tax reform which maintains a corporate tax rate of 30% or better and higher taxes on persons earning hundreds of thousands to millions per year    17.5 %
Tax reform which introduces a new 15% tax on Corporations, & higher taxes on persons earning hundreds of thousands to millions each year    27 %
Tax reform which introduces a new 15% corporate tax rate as well as tax relief for all Americans wealthy or not    32 %
Tax relief which provides simple tax forms for ordinary persons with a simple 10% flat tax, without exception, excuse or loophole    24 %
President Trump is evaluated by American Voters ("AV") in the first five questions based on the following themes: (a) Keeping America Safe, (b) Overall Performance (as President), (c) Specific Performance as Commander in Chief, (d) Is there a 'love-hate' relationship between Americans, (e) Is Trump better President than presidential candidate.
Throughout these "Trump Questions" ("TQ") the Undecided averages (6%) with the lowest Undecided (1%) related to the 'love hate' question.
These RSR ROBBINS outcomes suggest that President Donald Trump has the based support of more than 52% of American Voters and may be trending upward. There are Democrats supporting President Trump now.
Following the Trump Questions we ask American Voters about supporting Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton & Mark Zuckerberg, the latter known better by his company FaceBook.
Of these three Michelle Obama, considering her absence from the limelight has some pretty good numbers. Hillary Clinton was missing charisma - Michelle Obama has it, President Trump has it as well.
Our question on North Korea and military options reflects an ominous high minority of American Voters ready to NUKE NOKO. By ethnic background African Americans are most likely to pick this response choice, or alternatively the response choice continue talking. An equal number of Whites and Hispanics pick NUKE NOKO.
Whites and Hispanics also prefer re militarizing Japan, while African Americans do not.
Asians/Other prefer remilitarizing Japan and continue talking.
The majority of American Voters prefer economic sanctions to max warp, it appears President Trump believes the sanctions last offered by the United Nations are anything but. This is not good as it creates a vacuum in negotiations.
Two thirds majority of American Voters support 'greater self sufficiency and independence' for their country. This reflects deep buy in by American Voters to the concept of a resurgent economy on the basis of economic nationalism.
American Voters also support new immigrants speaking English. Sixty two percent of Whites, (46%) of Hispanic Latino AV's, (57%) of African Americans and (45%) of Asian Others support this English language condition.
Are U.S. residents involved in DACA - (children of illegal immigrants) considered under this English language priority?
We haven't heard much about the abortion issue of late, but we will as judges step down by the U.S. Supreme Court and President Trump will confront the decision of appointing another in replacement.
The North American Free Trade Agreement cannot get done in the short term, and even medium term, given the weight of issues facing President Trump - Congress - and the American people. Where are Canada and Mexico going to go?
The question on tax reform (and relief) is pretty wild - less than one in five support tax reform of more social democratic nature, while better than one in four support (much) lower corporate tax & higher taxes to higher wage earners, nearly one in three want tax relief for every American corporate, wealthy or otherwise - and one in four are looking for a simple flat tax.
Donald Trump has increases his support in nearly every State of the Union except for (1) Alabama (-6%), (2) Connecticut (-3%), (3) Iowa (-2%), (4) Louisiana (-1%), (5) North Dakota (-1%), (6) Utah (-4%).
Top gainers in support of President Trump: (1) Hawaii (11%), (2) Vermont (11%), (3) Alaska (+10%), (4) Oklahoma (+10%), (5) Massachusetts (+10%), (6) California (+9%), (7) Maryland (+8%), (8) North Carolina (+8%), (9) Maine (+7%).
President Trump's support in the following States remains unchanged from November 2016: Oregon, South Dakota, West Virginia & Wisconsin.
An RSR ROBBINS hybrid of survey, polling, statistical averaging and adjustments based on voter turnout by gender and ethnic background of 8,625 American Voters. This 'polling' result features our internally generated Margin of Error of (1.1%) using a pool equivalent to the size of the number of American Voters in the November 2016 Election averaged down to reflect Undecided.
This poll was conducted August 27, 2017 to September 12, 2017.

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