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Letter from Conservative Glen P. Robbins to U.S. President Donald J. Trump - Is a deal with Canada on NAFTA - a deal with the Devil?
  Aug 07, 2017

S.C.C. Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin
Re: Canada's Swamp 'Social Security Tribunal': specifically Tribunal File # A-D-16-486/ $2 billion in Cabinet approved fraud of CPP Disability, the Malfeasance of Canada heading into NAFTA
The Canadian Supreme Court of Canada has – since Canada introduced the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to the Constitution invested most of its time when dealing with undue delays to hearing, with criminal cases (“the accused”).
First test of application of R v Askov (and other case law relating to duration of time until hearing), (not to be confused with United States case law cited in Askov, [Wingo] which references “right to a speedy trial”--as the singular concept of legal consideration of trial delays in criminal matters and to the U.S. Constitution) to overall application to all legal cases where undue delays have occurred.
This test involves the matter of IMR (my wife) and the Minister (& Social Security Tribunal) a new system (of appeal) developed by the Harper Conservatives – from Review Division which preceded it circa (2011).
Both of these bodies deal with Canadian legal entitlements of Canada Pension Plan (Disability), Old Age Security and Employment Insurance.
I know the President wants repeal and replace on health care, while many Democrats want single payer. The single payer scares the hell out of Conservatives, Republicans and many Democrats, State Governors – because it presumes an entitlement--.
Within the coming negotiations with respect to U.S. health care inclusive of mandated participation between the Federal U.S. government – is the subject of entitlement.
This letter to the President and to Canada's Chief Justice offers an example of a G7 nation, Canada – whose federal government has through stealth malfeasance, defrauded thousands of Canadians of existing entitlements, and deprived thousands more of the same. Yet, discussions continue to speak about raising premiums from employers/employees.
Not only this – Canada now showcases itself as being an expert in designing CPP.
'In a news release from the CPP Investment Board Feb 19, 2017 from Beijing, China entitled: “Canada Pension Investment Board launches the Chinese edition of “Fixing the Future: How Canada's Usually Fractions Worked Together to Rescue the Canadian Pension Plan” (ED: 'fixing' indeed).
The promoter and author Little writes:
“In the mid-1990's, the Canadian Pension Plan (CPP) was underfunded and faced an uncertain future.” (ED: NB that IMR was mandated by law as entitled in the mid 1990's during this rescue).
“Experts predicted the CPP Fund would be exhausted by today, and a major overhaul was urgently needed to ensure the sustainability of CPP.”
“Canada's federal and finance ministers made some difficult decisions and introduced a set of reforms to the CPP, including the creation of CPPIB.”
(ED: This would also link the Board and its involvement with another nation (China) where the assertion as evidence by 'experts' concurrent with the malfeasance of the Conservative and now Liberal governments of Canada on CPP).
And Then this:
“On September 22, 2016 the visit of Premier Li Keqiang to Canada, CPPIB's CEO, Mark Mochin, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Xu Shaoshi Chairman of the National Development and Reform Commission. Through this memorandum, CPPIB has agreed to assist (dealing) with the challenges of China's aging population.”
I take the position that this memorandum exists as a product of Government of Canada malfeasance.
The evidence will show that there is likely $2 billion stolen from entitled Canadian disabled. This principle amount and interest it attracts, I assert contributes to the enormous returns represented to major countries like the U.S. and China.
As my working theory (more likely on the lip of conclusion) is advanced here – you can see in negotiating NAFTA – that Canada is clearly not treating its citizens in good faith on fundamental matters such as entitlements and interest rates.
The defrauding of thousands and thousands of Canadians naked, vulgar and awful. If Canada is pulling a stunt like this after 150 years, what might Chinese citizens expect?
The evidence will show that both former Canadian Conservative PM Stephen Harper and his 'fool' (English Lit – Henry VIII Biography), at the time the minister responsible for CPP – Jason Kenney knew that the fraud was ongoing, that Justin Trudeau current PM is well aware of it.
I want to show you how Canada tells the world how great they are and just cheats the people, in this case, an entitlement for a person deemed disabled during the most difficult period of vetting and examination. The information here is to reveal to you how easily this entitlement fraud occurred.
I would ask the President, following reading this, what he believes the response of the American people would be if the government just flat out robbed it of entitlements of say Social Security or other entitlement it had implemented for decades. Same as impeachment rubbish – civil war/riots/ruin of property - am I right?
I understand that you are responsible for the American people – and you are emphatic about that. This being the case, should the U.S. be running headlong into a NAFTA agreement before these serious matters are dealt with Canada.
Recently, the Toronto Star (Canada's largest circular) in article October 14, 2015 (just prior to Election Day) asserts: “The expertly managed CPP, with $265 billion in assets and a strong 18.3% per cent rate of return, is the gold standard.”
On October 14, 2015 the Toronto Star '(I)n an editorial in the Toronto Star – the Editorial Board of Canada's largest newspaper writes:
“Stephen Harper's Conservative government has resisted every call to expand the highly regarded Canada Pension Plan to provide better coverage for the roughly 60 per cent of the labour force that doesn't have the security a workplace pension.” (ED: like elected people, all government workers – union workers – you get the picture.
(ED: Why would he expand it when he was already looting it?
The information provided simple and easy to read will evidence how the press here managed to express a lie. I reckon there are 25,000 who have been illegally taken off CPP disability or have waited “5 years or more” for appeal of application.
The President has recently been advised of recent communication evidencing a similar type fraud occurring in British Columbia's Workers Compensation (employer contributions).Important as he ramps ups efforts to employ more and more Americans.
The Toronto Star had to know this prior to publication. The law of “Responsible Communication” (see Grant v Torstar Corp (Case # 32952) Supreme Court of Canada directs that a primary consideration (in assessing truthfulness in media coverage) is whether or not the matter is in the public interest.
Is promotion of government programs which are predicated on fraud and lies – and promulgated through propaganda to other countries also in the public interest?
Obviously, this letter is provided in the public interest (if I don't do it, who in Canada will?).
Justin Trudeau doesn't speak for me and my family. Stephen Harper before him did not speak for me and my family. No wonder, how can anyone trust either of them now?
No proper disclosure was made, some promises..but in fact – the short simple evidence herein reveals a plan of directed malfeasance conceived by the Harper Cabinet to gut significant numbers of persons, including case study “IMR” from their existing entitlements and new applications for entitlements.
The 'Swamp Leaders' replaced a blue prime minister with a red one, but the fraud continues.
If the existing entitlement cannot be justified by reason or necessity than why not be straight with people rather than continuing to con them, and other governments like the Chinese, and given the whole of the subject matter contained in NAFTA – the United States Government as well.
This malfeasance under former Prime Minister Stephen Harper (Calgary, Alberta & Jason Kenney – the targeted minister in this debacle/government confidence scheme).
(ED: Jason Kenney wants to be the Premier of Alberta – a former Cabinet Minister under Harper Rona Ambrose is now employed to negotiate with your government over NAFTA. She had to be in on the fleecing of thousands of Canadians as well.
Mr. President, ask yourself what kind of people are you are actually dealing with here. Very creepy. And as you say from time to time – sad.
Entitlements are linked to legislation from 'law makers' entrusted with producing law on behalf of the public that elected them (and ensuring that those who work in the public service uphold those laws). Entitlements may be undone, but only when the public, particularly those in the public requiring the entitlement have been properly informed.
This is not what happened systemically. The IMR CPP disability case well points out the framework of the (dis)entitlement based on (mostly) deception, with efforts to cover this up at the feet of the appropriate Minister, including the Prime Minister and Justice Minister (personally).
I will endeavor to showcase proper use of journalism, and Supreme Court of Canada decisions on the subject (with a clear recognition of the U.S. law) in a way which might assist professionals in both countries moving forward.
The short and sweet of this read is to understand (as a pollster and investigative journalist/not to bad at the law) – where there is smoke (a case) there is fire.
This letter is directed to you – for your edification (much like intervenor application in court cases – to help the magistrate with relevant information). It is also directed at both the Supreme Court of Canada Chief Justice and Prime Minister.
The S.C.C. Chief Justice is retiring soon and any legal application made this month to dismiss the IMR's matters and to seek approval for class action lawsuit. I believe Canadians have been deprived of Two Billion ($2,000,000,000) in CPP disability including those like IMR who were approved under Paul Martin (referenced in Reforms and promotion material to China).
[Also, as previous communication has provided or is disclosed – a family property (also IMR's) with criminal lending rate at 98.7% (actual) (“A”), on back page of Government of British Columbia letterhead and registered at BC Land at another rate of Interest (8%). Both the loan “A” and the registration at land title “B” were undertaken by two owners of two companies, illegal on its face. Canada has no proper method of documenting actual interest rates].
Canada has the highest debt per person among so-called free countries. We are selling our form of governance and corporate success on a mountain of lies and fraud. A nation willing to go to this length to do this to citizens – and strut about as a winner – when the truth would suggest the exact opposite and parade its successes with minorities and others – sugary and morally superior – paying $10.5 to a terrorist who killed your soldiers – is not worth recognition as a viable country.
Canada's entire real estate market is affected by fraud – Realtors in BC/Canada and Chinese investors ginning up values of properties between and among themselves (loopholes designed to falsely inflate real estate values and avoid poorly written tax legislation).
Every wonder why the NYSE & NASDAQ are flying and Canada's TSE is floundering? As a trader of stock in the 1980's I admit to knowing a thing or two about wash trading. Canada's economic policy seems predicated on this format? Get your experts and find out the truth before you sign anything.
Canada's running an economy predicated on fraud out of Cabinet at senior levels of government. Conceived malfeasance at the highest levels.
Where is the negotiation on NAFTA done good faith with these matters left so glaringly deficient?
By extension of laws of economics involving central bank interest and impact on currency, the true currency manipulators are the Canadian government.
News articles on the subject of Canada Pension (the target subject/Canadian entitlement):
CBC News “Employment Insurance Review Boards to be scrapped” (May 25, 2012):
“In May 2012, the Government of Canada under Stephen Harper announced that the government would replace the review tribunal with a newly formed Social Security Tribunal of Canada, (and) would be made up of 74 “Members”” ((ED: lower level adjudicators in administrative law (where a lot of the boring corruption is as you know).
Globe & Mail (May 26, 2013):
“The change (from Review Tribunals to Social Security Tribunals) was implemented in April 2013.” “The new body was tasked with hearing all appeals of CPP, OAS, and EI decisions.” (ED: here is an Institutional waste of one year (alone).
The Times Colonist “No end in sight for 'spiking unit' helping social security tribunal.” (When you see the word tribunal – no that it properly means kangaroo court full of swamp appointments). Read on:
“The Government said it would bring taxpayers $25 million a year in savings by consolidating the appeals process” (ED: This is then Minister for CPP Jason Kenney). (The actual savings and the 18.5% return on investment reported by the Minister – 18.5% -- is because the Conservatives stole everyone's entitlement by creating a backlog that could not be remedied – like Unemployment Insurance – people can't afford lawyers – they give up, some die, many get injured worse.
Globe & Mail (ibid):
“In May 2013, after the tribunal was filled, it was reported that at least of the 46 full time members had ties to the Conservative Party of Canada.”
Editor (“ED”: In other words Stephen Harper had plans to take away through skulduggery the entitlements already in place in disability and deny new ones. I note that modest investigation will reveal Canadian investment from CPP monies in (alleged) trust with the Government of Canada and investment in Chinese securities.
Times Colonist (ibid)
“In September 2014, a 50 Member “spike unit” was set up to help with a backlog of appeals...” “The unit was intended to last until March 2015...(B)y January 2016 (2017) the spike unit had NOT been disbanded.” (ED: More friends and associates in jobs paying with benefit $100,000 and more per year).
(ED: I will point out later – case law combined with Canada and U.S. history going back to 1990 – it is worth getting acquainted with it to make the point overall – and disseminate as well (utility of purpose).
With that in mind, the point is that the decision we will look at (one of) R v Askov on trial delays etc relative to this entitlement argument – that generally the Supreme Court of Canada says a trial should be held within 3 years.
The notion of “speedy trial” (U.S.) “undue delays” (Canada) featured in Askov (S.C.C.) suggests 2 years is the correct limit. Recent news reports in Canada have suggested 3 years and 3 months.
In context of producing the history making transition of these decisions to duration of time in civil or administrative matters – here now is the particulars of the matter of appeal of IMR @ (CPP).
Within these articles lurks the reasonable presumption of undue delay (prima facie) in a non criminal matter inherent with a new system of administrative appeal not functioning (as written in law). The practice of 'law as I please' which I believe, makes Canada's system of justice, at least as it is presented in this entitlement matter(s) (what you are grappling with now) without any credibility.
Without a powerful lawyer, and the money to pay to one, the ordinary citizen faces the bully of government as IMR (and many other Canadians no doubt) have. It isn't pretty, its mostly vulgar and dishonest, a type of in your face possession is nine-tenths of the law. The average lawyer – according to the current Supreme Court of Canada Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin is about $330. per hour (Toronto Ballroom Empire Room - $100 a plate for the rich and famous).
I would assert the average lawyer in Canada is not very good.
“Institutional delay”, is recognized by Canada's Supreme Court as being the fault of the “Crown” (the Queen of England – our Constitutional boss) (Government of Canada, Provincial Government). The Supreme Court of Canada sees Institutional delay against the citizen to be carry particular weight in assessing if claims of excessive delay have merit.
So, in IMR's case the dates at issue commence in 2008 and are ongoing to this date. No hearing (oral or in person) for over 9 years. [IMR has offered to settle on 3 occasions and relative to the type of punitive damages this might attract in the U.S. could be in the millions].
For purposes of repeal and replace no doubt you can imagine if the changes are not properly considered the number of class actions will explode.
CPP is a user pay system. Payments are NOT voluntary, they are compulsory mandated by Government. In other words its insurance fraud by the Government against the people. If government is willing to plan and implement a fraud of this enormity, shouldn't the U.S. be looking at the sub prime crisis and stock market crisis of 2008.
Canada said it was untouched. Was it? My research asserts that one hundred billion dollars was set aside for banks to recover from underwater foreclosure circumstances. I have filed court affidavits asserting in a case of Robbins v Bank of Montreal that the banks were double dipping, foreclosing on properties and then collecting from the secret fund (ours with hundreds of thousands of equity – owned 23 years years – other properties for security at 8 times value to debt- foreclosed without legal notice after one month payment).
Some of the highest punitive damage awards in Canada and the United States involve actions and conduct of persons working on behalf of insurance companies. New top court decisions are focusing on consumer rights and more particular to my point here – is how these decisions are considered where they involve a more powerful party over another, most importantly to point the most (coercive) power – the Government. Obama Care is a mandated health care system.
Alternative motivations here is to bring you around to my knowledge (certain to be smug), that Canada also does not deserve to have Dispute Resolution in the NAFTA agreement. If they are able to so easily cheat their 'entitled' citizens – without challenge, what more common monstrosities are also being invented? If they are so enmeshed with the interests of Corporations (“Corporatism”) and government – corporate investment (see infrastructure) does not permit the transparency of tax payers monies – in that financial relationship – seems nothing Canadians are being told (particularly as this relates to finance can be believed).
Canadian media continues to state over and over that you are being investigated for obstruction of justice. I understand that your role relates to the American people, however NAFTA concerns all of our citizens (even when they are corporate citizens). If a country like Canada (so nice, so friendly (fewer cases of acne) is also so willing to be so deceptive about its practices including going full force against the law – with its own unsuspecting people – what surety do you have that the U.S. isn't being knifed in the back as well.
We know the courts (ED: the real court – the Supreme Court of Canada) does not accept delays much above 3 years no matter the reason, and frown particularly on Institutional delay (heel dragging, communists/lawyers/bureaucrats). We know that IMR is 9 + years {and Institutionally 3 to 7+ years delay}. As the most accurate pollster in the World – including nailing your Election numbers/ – like nailing Obama's ED totals twice – and George W – against my use of excellent and proper news reporting – if there is one strong anecdote like IMR – there is a basket of them as well.
Lee-Anne Goodman writes on CTV website (Feb. 06, 2015) “Jason Kenney is vowing that by this summer (2015), he'll eliminate the massive caseload backlog that's left thousands of ailing or injured Canadians waiting years for appeals.....” (ED: Of course my theory is that the Minister robbed CPP including many receiving it and depending on it – many of these people disabled – and then working (conspiring) with useless Stephen Harper and his very greasy Conservative government created an appeal process designed to fail, but cover up the looting of the entitlement – nice country Canada). Back to Lee-Anne - “In a letter obtained by the Canadian Press, the employment and social development minister describes a “two-part action plan” to wipe out the backlog at Ottawa's beleaguered social security tribunal in just a few months.”
“Allison Schmidt, a Regina based pension-disability case manager, called it “high time” that the government acted to eliminate the “intolerable” backlog”. (ED: This is further 'awareness of the community' describing the events as they relate to 'this matter'). So here is the administrative move made knowing there is a huge backlog of appeal to cases (including IMR's): “The tribunal consists of 74 full time members and 22 part timers. It replaced about 1,000 part time referees and four separate social security panels under the old system.”
Here is more exemplary journalism from Lee-Anne Goodman with CTV (Dec 4th, 2014) ('single quotes not attributable to Kenney' (provided for necessary context of the messenger): In this interview Jason Kenney confessed the following to Goodman: “I am told that the previous appeals board did not share information on their backlog, their the time that we transitioned to the social security tribunal, so this was an unexpected legal backlog.”....(Employment and Social Development Minister Jason Kenney in a parliamentary committee hearing on Nov 27, 2014). 'The Conservative government has been under fire in recent weeks for a growing backlog of 11,000 social security cases, most involving ailing or injured Canadians denied Canada Pension Plan or waiting for their appeals to be heard.' 'There is a holding pattern including terminal cancer patients and Canadians in such dire financial straits that they're contemplating suicide' (Goodman from files obtained via Access to Information Act). 'Was the government really unaware of the true extent of the....backlog, even as it set up a new appeals system and made decisions or how to allocate staff and resources to its new tribunal' (ED: Mr. President – like Canada isn't operating with reagovernment (these are Conservatives – and Rona Barrett (new Deputy Ambassador) was 5th among these Canadian Conservative Criminals (CCC).
From the Goodman/CTV article (2014) 'The Facts': 'The Social Security Tribunal was launched on April 11, 2013; (T)he goal was to streamline the social security appeals process with 74 full time members and to save tax payers $25 million a year by replacing 4 separate boards with a single panel.' 'These boards employed 1,000 part time referees to hear appeals.' 'Most of the 1,000 referees under the old system were dismissed when the new tribunal was established.' 'In testimony before various parliamentary committees over the past two years, government officials have said....they determined that 74 full time tribunal members and some part time staffers could sufficiently replace those 1,000 part time officials assessing case loads under the old system.' 'As far back as 2009-10, there was a 1,000 care backlog of CPP disability cases, according to a report by the office of the commissioner of review tribunals.' 'An in the annual report of the Canada Pension Plan of the past two years, there's been evidence the backlog has been growing. The review tribunal's office received 5,297 CPP disability appeals in 2012-2013, but... held 3,201 hearings.' (ED: [60.5%]. 'The numbers were similar in 2011-2012.' (ED: so..[60.5%]). 'Some Canadians have written as long as five years to have their appeals heard.'
Comments from other parties with authority referenced in the CTV Goodman article (2014) (other parties underlined but with italics): 'Benoit Long, an assistant deputy minister at Employment and Social Development (formerly HRDC) was asked at a Senate committee hearing last month is the backlog problem existed prior to 2013.' 'There would have been backlogs, yes,' he said'. 'But Long added that the initial transfer to the new tribunal of 7,000 cases was 'much higher than anticipated'. 'Volume started to increase and activities started to decrease given the fact that there was a transition from one tribunal to another', 'he testified'. 'That led to a significant number of cases that were transferred over to the tribunal, much higher than anticipated. That means that, when the tribunal starts, it obviously had to start with a very large volume initially white it was trying to ramp up, get organized and get set up'. 'Another department official, Eric Giguere, added': 'There were backlogs, but not to that extent.' 'A spokesman for Kenney, however, said..under testimony' (ED: unsure if this is'Oathed' testimony or not)....with the benefit of hindsight, insisting the department did not know about the extent of the backlog.' 'David Dewhirst, a retired civil servant who represents the government for years at social security hearings is skeptical': 'To say they didn't know is so high on the baloney meter that it defies logic.' 'Everyone knew there were tremendous numbers in the backlog, all departments knew, and this information is filtered up to the Minister. Everybody was aware that when 'D-Day' came, there was going to be a significant backlog, especially since everyone knew, the number of appeals being heard was slowing down in the final year.' The Canadian Conservatives ((ED: Conservatives came to power in 2006 with minority government – in 2011 majority government (like a Kingdom when you get it).
The question must be asked – are there businesses that can go from 1,000 people working 25-30 hours per week to 74 working 40-45 (plus the other 22)? If there are, we need that model to apply in all government. But alas, this Conservative business like approach was no better than those White Collar Greed stories Stacey Keach's TV show is all about. Cheat disabled people so your friends get a job. (Ed: A 'job' indeed).
Continued at August 8/8/2017 featuring relevant work from Supreme Courts in Canada and United States.

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