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RSR ROBBINS - Trump & Trudeau (the Singh factor) Canada Health v ObamaCare
  Jul 27, 2017

Question #1
Which of the following leaders and party do you currently support in Canada?
Justin Trudeau & Liberal Party of Canada    33 %
Andrew Scheer and Conservative Party of Canada    29 %
Jagmeet Singh and New Democratic Party of Canada    21 %
Martine Ouellet and Bloc Quebecois Party of Canada    3 %
Elizabeth May and Green Party of Canada    3 %
Other Leader & Party    1 %
{Undecided}    10 %
Question #2
(Entertainment Q): Which of the following two events offered as response choice best describes your opinion, or your perception of being more important?
U.S. President Trump and French President Macron meeting on Bastille Day in Paris France to enhance relationship between those countries    43 %
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appointing new Governor General    11 %
Undecided/Can't Answer    45 %
Question #3
From the following response choices offered, which in your opinion,represents the better health care system?
Canada Health Act and Canadian - Provincial health care    52 %
Affordable Health Care U.S. aka Obama Care    23 %
Question #4
Which of the following response choices best reflects in your opinion, or your general perception on the matter of the Queen of England, Elizabeth II, remaining Head of State of Canada and its Constitution?
The Queen of England is a great Monarch, she is the Head of State only in symbolism for purposes of the Constitution and it should remain this way, its working    37 %
I respect the Queen and the Monarchy but after 150 years, it seems silly now Canada should be independent of Britain    43 %
Canada will not be of the same status of other countries like the United States, France & England until our Constitution and country are independent of the Queen    18 %
Question #5
(Entertainment Question) Is US President Donald Trump better at his job than Prime Minister Trudeau is at his?
Yes    37 %
No    39 %
Question #6
From the following response choices which best reflects who or what will be most responsible for the health of Canada's economy?
The Trump Administration and US Economy    54 %
The Economic Policies of the Trudeau Liberal government    30 %
Question #7
Very recently the Liberal Government of Canada sided with a Supreme Court of Canada decision that Omar Khadr, an admitted terrorist, should receive over $10 million in settlement as a result of his being tortured in Guantanamo Bay, despite the fact that the torture might not have occurred if his father, a terrorist sympathizer had not taken him to Syria to fight there as a terrorist in the first place. Regular Canadians cannot go to the Supreme Court of Canada until they show evidence of a lower court decision, which they want to appeal --- something that does not exist in Khadr's case, making it special indeed. In your opinion does Omar Khadr deserve more human rights from the Supreme Court of Canada than ordinary Canadians?
Yes    5 %
No    75 %
Question #8
Is it right and fair that a political party in Canada such as Stephen Harper's Conservatives in 2011 and Justin Trudeau's Liberals in 2015 should rule the country with absolute power with 39% of the vote?
Yes    33 %
No    58 %
Question #9
If you were provided with $100 to bet (with a 10 times return if correct) on whether or not Justin Trudeau would win another majority government in 2019 or another Election Outcome, which of the following response choices, given current events, best reflects what you expect the outcome would be?
I would bet that Justin Trudeau wins a 2nd majority in 2019    20 %
I would bet that Justin Trudeau wins a 2nd 'minority' government in 2019    24 %
I would bet that Justin Trudeau loses government    34 %
Undecided/Don't Know/Can't Answer    22 %
Question #10
If you were given two versions of the same story by U.S. President Donald Trump or Mainstream Media out of Toronto, New York & Washington, who would you most likely believe?
U.S. President Donald Trump because he says what he thinks    30 %
Mainstream Media out of Toronto, New York & Washington because they investigate stories well and its their job    24 %
Neither    41 %
Undecided/Can't Answer    5 %
Question #11
(Entertainment Question): If you were given the opportunity to have a 10 day all expenses paid at 5 star hotel in either Moscow, Russia or Washington DC, USA which would you choose?
Moscow    53 %
Washington, DC    26 %
Undecided/Don't Know/Neither    21 %
Question #12
In your opinion has the relationship between the Canadian government and aboriginals been successful?
Yes    18 %
No    72 %
Undecided    10 %
Question #13
Do you believe that both senior levels of government, federal and provincial should re explain to Canadians why they are taxed so much?
Yes    55 %
No    39 %
Question #14
Are labour unions an important entity in your life
Yes    13 %
No    70 %
Generally for the President-
Lawrence Kohlberg's steps of moral development...holds the position that moral reasoning, the basis of ethical behaviour, has six identifiable development stages - each more adequate in responding to moral dilemmas than its predecessor.
To wit: Today (now) some of us are more evolved (no better than) but more evolved than others.
I don't know that money is intended to be considered in any of this.
Kohlberg determined that the process of moral development was principally concerned with justice. Not law, law has nothing to do with this.
Kohlberg claims 3 levels the capacit of the six development stages... the lowest man-ape contains people concerned only with obedience and punishment and what's in it for me.
Level 2 is the good boy & good girl societal roles - always a duty to authority. Imagine the incongruences here for quick learners and entrepreneurs -
Level 3 where you and I reside, is labelled Post Conventional aka the principled level, "marked by a growing realization that individuals are separate entities from society, and that the individual's own perspective may take precedence over society's view, individuals may disobey rules inconsistent with their own principles.
This I do not believe was intended to infer that Level 3 people are all activists or social justice people. Not at all, some very common ordinary people - the bedrock of society may contain many Level 3's.
Hillary Clinton's deplorable comment was an extension of her own prejudice - more based on her view of social class - believing her Level 2 circumstances to be better than that because she is individually better than that.
Where she and many in the country went wrong was in their inability to understand that the top of Level 2 "authority" can debase to Level 1, as it has in British Columbia Canada (where I reside).
Government functions at Level 1 - in BC - and acts as if it is Level 3 simply because it is government. A known quantity of power.
The Republican Senate, the Democrats, the Media all function at what they believe to be top of Level 2 because of the disguise of the money, the bling the fame and branding value, but have no grasp of the fact that Level 3 people may exist at all levels - the better educated, (even high IQ) are not necessarily at Level 3.
Your presidency is the first of its kind, a Level 3 Independent President with a separate and distinct position (as it is supposed to be) from his own party (Republican), or any other.
It is NOT inconceivable with your (actual) popularity (over 50% nationally) which at some juncture cannot be suffocated further by media and will attain some 60% (media will call it 48-50%) - giving you the opportunity to run as an Independent in 2020 with the media and Level 2 institutional thinkers having no idea than a vulgar guess of its great possibility of succeeding, should you care to ponder this over time.
An RSR ROBBINS Survey of 2,250 Canadians, equivalent responses to population of province and adjusted where there is imbalance. Respondents are known and thus better classifies this a Survey. Our own measure of accuracy is about 2% - the higher undecided's not so.

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