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Conservative Glen P. Robbins writes Letter (1) to New Premier John Horgan - About Crooked WorkSafe BC - (the rest including crooked Chevron BC & Veolia ES)
  Jul 19, 2017

I am willing going forward to accept (from WorkSafe BC & WCAT) $529,000 in full settlement of this fiasco with the provision that people in this process are fired with cause and without severance including WCAT Chair Caroline Berkey who had every opportunity to mitigate damage, and who ignored provisions for WCAT allowing for settlement. Naturally I would anticipate a few days for BC Government due diligence should someone sufficiently competent be found to handle 'the matter'.
Berkey is so completely bias and useless that despite her own WCAT ordering a new wage rate, she failed to respond to my request of warrant for Veolia ES to produce wage rate material. (Veolia actually provided only T4's of person names who were casual worker).
For the time period 'thereafter' I will accept annual WorkSafe benefits of $55,000 (rounded) the maximum under the law until age 70 (the determined age of termination of benefits).
The corruption in this case started with the Board of Directors. Naturally where there is fire in one spot there is more in another.
I need all of this done within 7 days of your accepting office with payment in full as considered. Please issue the cheque in my name to the address provided. In the whole of the circumstances I have unilaterally determined this to be reasonable.
If your people or you on advise of your minister find following the day long investigation provided by two or three properly qualified people of reasoned mind that a more suitable amount is proper, I will entertain it, so long as good faith occurs in provision of payment it is after all 8 and one half years since the injury occurred.
I thank you in advance of the payment and forthcoming apology for these corrupt government employees you had no custody over, until now that is.
Glen P. Robbins
WorkSafe BC Board, Legal
ICBC Board

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