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RSR ROBBINS - Most Accurate Pollster in the World - Horgan BC New Democrats command BC Lower Mainland support
  Jun 29, 2017

Question #1
Do you support the following from 'the BC Government': getting rid of corporate and union donations, child care, getting rid of Port Mann and other bridge tolls, a bump in welfare and a pledge from government TO TAKE ANY LEGAL MEANS TO STOP THE KINDER MORGAN PIPELINE?
Yes    67.61 %
No    18.26 %
Question #2
Today, which 'party label' provided as a response option do you most support despite BC just having had an Election? (Shown as Decided) (Lower Mainland of BC)
BC New Democrats    44.82 %
BC Liberal    36.51 %
BC Green    15.46 %
Other    1.73 %
(Undecided)    8 %
Question #3
(Entertainment Question) If you were given $100 to bet by the Government and you had to use the money to predict which BC party would prevail in a snap election a few months from now, and if you were correct would receive double your money back which outcome would you predict?
BC NDP Majority    50.7 %
BC NDP Minority    21.8 %
BC Liberal Majority    12.7 %
BC Liberal Minority    5.2 %
Question #4
Of the following BC party leaders, which, if any, would you expect to trigger an unnecessary provincial general election?
Christy Clark    45 %
John Horgan    29 %
Andrew Weaver    21 %
Question #5
Once a legal ban against corporate and union donations is in place as the first order of business expected by voters to BC NDP John Horgan, and as demanded by BC Green leader Andrew Weaver, in alliance with the BC NDP what, from the following list of response choices, best reflects your advice on new individual donation limits per year?
$100    51.75 %
$250    26.23 %
$500    13.15 %
$1,000    9.65 %
(Undecided)    6 %
Question #6
(Entertainment Question) It is 'very well known' among elected officials and other lawmakers federally and provincially, that former BC Liberal Suzanne Anton, as Attorney General for the Province of British Columbia facilitated and encouraged, while operating her office, in conjunction with the BC Law Society Corporation, the BC Supreme Courts, and most specifically and particularly BC mortgage lenders, to defraud thousands of BC homeowners of their property and equity allowing mortgage loans of as much as 98.7% to occur in the province? Given other ongoing problems with the real estate market, the United States government observing our behaviour (NAFTA), would you support an Official Inquiry into all aspects of the Lower Mainland real estate 'matters' to prove to the World that BC isn't corrupt?
Yes    54 %
No    19 %
Question #7
Would you support privatizing auto insurance in British Columbia and getting rid of ICBC?
Yes    54 %
No    42 %
Question #8
Are you a homeowner?
Yes    49 %
No    45 %
Question #9
You be the judge, will real estate values go down or up?
Up    4 %
Down    76 %
Question #10
Often during the Vancouver City real estate crisis beginning 2015 and ongoing much has been said about the problems caused by Asian foreign investors in BC Real Estate. When you hear Asian do you interpret that to mean Chinese?
Yes    62 %
No    28 %
Question #11
Would you support a one year total ban on any foreign investment in BC to clean up up a toxic real estate market?
Yes    63 %
No    28 %
Question #12
Do you believe that Foreign investors have been working purposefully in conjunction with Christy's BC Liberal Party to push British Columbians out of their homes through manipulation of the real estate prices upward in order to make homes available for their countrymen?
Yes    45 %
No    41 %
Question #13
Which concerns you more?
Year to year deficits in the BC Budget    31 %
BC Liberals huge debt legacy to British Columbia    37 %
Both concern me equally    16 %
Undecided/No Opinion    15 %
An RSR ROBBINS Private Poll of 1,414 British Columbians who recently voted in the 2017 BC provincial general election This poll encompasses the Lower Mainland of British Columbia from Vancouver to Richmond to Hope. The Margin of Error is 2.61%
It strongly suggests that British Columbians in the most populous region of the Province are in support of the BC New Democrats to form government and should be used as the guiding light of the LG to make a correct and non partisan decision.

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