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Bombshell Poll- 'White America' in TrumpStates go big for Trump - Travel Ban - Bombing North Korea - Boots on ground - ISIS
  Apr 06, 2017

Question #1
How would you define yourself from these political brands?
Republican    33 %
Conservative    15 %
Democrat    19 %
Liberal    6 %
Independent/Other    20 %
Undecided/Can't Answer/Don't Know    7 %
Question #2
Do you presently support or oppose Donald Trump's presidency?
Support    67 %
Oppose    25 %
Undecided    8 %
Question #3
Do you support a travel ban on persons seeking to come to the United States from countries which support terrorism, or alternatively, do not take appropriate action to put a stop to terrorism in those countries?
Yes    82 %
No    14 %
Undecided    4 %
Question #4
Do you support or oppose putting more American forces on the ground to fight ISIS?
Support    62 %
Oppose    29 %
Undecided/Don't Know/Can't Answer    9 %
Question #5
North Korea continues to threaten the use of ballistic missiles against the west coast of the United States. China is supposed to manage North Korea, but doesn't appear to. Will you support the bombing of North Korea strategic sites by the US Air Force in order to destroy this threat against the United States and its allies in the region?
Yes    74 %
No    23 %
Support for Trump by U.S. State (Caucasian (“Whites”)(Decided: Texas (64%); Florida (61%); Pennsylvania (63%); Ohio (64%); Michigan (58%); North Carolina (60%); Georgia (63%); Indiana (70%); Tennessee (74%); Arizona (62%); Missouri (74%); South Carolina (66%); Alabama (79%); Louisiana (73%); Kentucky (81%); Oklahoma (71%); Mississippi (72%); Arkansas (70%); Iowa (57%); Kansas (75%); Utah (59%); Nebraska (71%); West Virginia (75%); Montana (72%); North Dakota (76%); South Carolina (66%); Wyoming (72%).
Of the higher populated U.S. States in this RSR ROBBINS poll, Tennessee Caucasian voters support President Trump to the highest percentage (74%) , with Michigan the lowest (58%). Among the lower populated Kentucky comes in at (81%) with Alabama at (79%) Caucasian voter support. The lowest support among Caucasians comes from Michigan (56%)*, with Utah the 2nd lowest at (59%).
'White Americans' in TrumpStates overwhelmingly support a travel ban from terrorist sponsored states ('terrorist nations'). White American clearly support bombing North Korea and more boots on the ground to fight ISIS.
Respondents interviewed March 8-April 3, 2017 from lists and random polling from States of the Union won by Donald J. Trump, President, November 2016. Only Caucasian 'voters' (eligible to vote, voted in the most recent presidential election – 2 criteria to response). Estimated margin of error overall is (1%). States > 5 million 300 + respondents, States under 5 million 150 + respondents. Large States estimated M.O.E. is (5%), smaller States is (7%). Proprietorial to private pollster which has no connection or affiliation to any party or mainstream media.
*intended to show slight trend downward

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