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Glen P. Robbins filed complaint to Canadian Judicial Council concerning BC Justices Fenlon and Hinkson
Originally published Nov 15, 2016  Sep 24, 2017

Canadian Judicial Council Ottawa, Ontario K1A OW8 1 613 288 1575 Attention: Executive Director
Re: Complaint against Justices Lauri Anne Fenlon (J.) & Christopher Hinkson (CJ.) BC Superior Courts
I am desirous of filing a complaint with your organization concerning the above captioned persons deemed to be constitutionally appointed justices operating in the Province of British Columbia.
The complaint is filed pursuant to paragraph 3 “Making a Complaint” and more specifically 3.1 “Any person........”.
To best edify of you of both the nature and specific detail of these complaints I provide criminal complaint submissions which I have provided in Notice of Motion to the S.C.C in Google v Equustek (36602) which formed part of application for Intervener status. The links offer online detail of the events. The hard copy Affidavit and Evidence (the supporting documents are not available online) is about 300 pages or so, however I am certain the Affidavit provided by pdf online provides sufficient information to understand what events have occurred to lead me to filing this complaint.
I also provide my Reply to Equustek's response which will assist you in realizing some serious matters worthy of investigation have occurred.
In addition, I have also provided the Affidavit of Service pertaining to the original application for which the appropriate fees and other requirements were met.
Should you want the hard copy evidence of the criminal submissions made which involve both justices addressed in reference I would be happy to provide them.
The primary court docket's involves are BCSC H130330 and BCSC S111171
Sincerely, Glen P. Robbins

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