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RSR ROBBINS - The Platinum Standard - U.S Presidential - Trump takes big lead over Clinton.
  Jul 26, 2016

Question #1
Are you certain that you will be voting in the upcoming U.S. Presidential Election in November 2016? (% to “Yes”)
Caucasian    72 %
African American    49 %
Latino    44 %
Asian/Other    62 %
Question #2
If you had to select from either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump for President today who would you select? (Based on “Yes” voter turnout from this poll/survey).
Donald Trump    48 %
Hillary Clinton    41 %
Question #3
Question 2 adjusted for 2012 presidential outcomes by ethnic background
Donald Trump    46 %
Hillary Clinton    43 %
Donald Trump:
(66%) of male Caucasian voters, and (41%) of female Caucasian respondents select Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. Trump attracts (18%) of African American male support and (5%) of African American female support, while (25%) of male Latino respondents support him along with (19%) of female Latinos. (41%) of Asian/other males support Trump, while (31%) of female respondents of this ethnic classification support him.
Hillary Clinton:
(54%) of female Caucasian voters, and (32%) of male Caucasians support Hillary Clinton, while (77%) of African American female and (48%) of African American males support her. (54%) of female Latino respondents support Hillary Clinton while (37%) of male Latino respondents support her. (44%) of Asian/other males and (46%) of Asian/other female respondents support Hillary Clinton.
This RSR ROBBINS poll/survey reveals how “eligible U.S. voters” respondents herein, from different ethnic classifications, may affect the presidential outcome, following outcomes derived through the Republican convention.
Caucasians, particularly Caucasian male voters are highly motivated while African Americans and Latinos are not.
If the turnout percentages from this RSR ROBBINS poll/survey reflect voter outcomes in November Donald Trump's likelihood of winning the White House are very good.
This is a poll (random) and survey (lists known to pollster) of 1,013 Americans who are eligible to vote .undertaken between July 22, 2016 and July 25, 2016 (ending at 6 pm est). The Margin of Error is 3.08% plus or minus. Outcomes are based on percentages of turnout by ethnic background discovered in this RSR ROBBINS poll/survey. Outcomes using voter turnout from the 2012 election would better correspond to survey 'list's but to the random polling aspect of this poll which on balance was split in terms of numbers of respondents with respondents. Had outcomes of voting turnout by ethnic constituency been used the Hillary Clinton percentage is estimated to be a couple of points higher and Donald Trump a point lower on the basis that Donald Trump was already lowered by 44 basis points and Hillary Clinton increased by a similar amount.

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