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Glen P. Robbins requests B'nai Brith Canada rescind PM Stephen Harpers nomination for Nobel Prize -
  Sep 04, 2014

B'nai Brith Canada, 15 Hove Street, Toronto Canada.
I write this letter as it relates to your humanitarian organization's recent nomination of PM Stephen Harper for a Nobel Peace Prize "In accordance with the Rules of the Nobel Foundation."
Your organizations' leaders base this nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize on Mr. Harper's "moral clarity...lost across much of the world with terror, hatred and anti-Semitism filling the void."
Apparently the Nobel organization has a policy of not revealing information about nominations for a period of 50 years. Your picture with Mr. Harper does little to protect the guarantee of privacy and circumspection it would seem this award deserves.
I note with emphasis that the criteria for "Qualified Nominations" is limited. One of the qualified groups includes governments. I also note your reference to Zion, a term more often linked to the country of Israel.
B'nai Brith serves among many things to "Audit anti Semitic incidents." In your nomination of Mr. Harper's nomination you note that "he has worked to ensure that other world leaders truly understand the threat of Islamic terrorism facing us today..."
This provokes my question to you, what investigation and due diligence has your organization actually done in terms of this nomination of Prime Minister Harper?
As you know B'nai Brith's Public Affairs Office facilitates B'nai Brith appearances at "the Supreme Court of Canada, at Parliamentary Committees, and department consultation." You would of course be aware that the Prime Minister of Canada appoints all justices of the sitting courts including Justice Rothstein of the Supreme Court of Canada whose background in law is in Transportation.
I draw your attention to web page entitled "Glen P. Robbins - forces resignation of BC Chief Justice and exposes another BC Judge as married to a convicted Nazi."
The publication of this letter as it pertains to a letter form Kari Simpson involves point 4. and 5. under Investigations and subsection (2) which states:
4. To determine the knowledge of Chief Justice Donald Brenner about the activities of (BC Supreme Court) Justice Koenigsberg's spouse - Lubromyr Prytulak - activities that included allegations of hate, religious intolerance, libel and defamation."
Please note that this information was sent to the Canadian Jewish Congress by Mrs. Simpson. I have personally sent this letter and the publication under this research facility on not less than six (6) occasions. This communication has also been sent to both the Canadian Press and American Press.
Gary Kurtz of Los Angeles, California "successfully sued Prytulak in 2004 for defamation" which included a 2003 Canadian Jewish Congress complaint."
The successful plaintiff Mr. Kurtz told the Vancouver Province that BC Supreme Court Justice Madam Justice Koenigsberg's married relations to anti Semite Prytulak and the court "would be of consequence to British Columbians" (Canadians)
When a reasonable person considers that there were no apparent consequences under the Judges Act or action by the Prime Minister's Office then or now, and the severe nature of the anti Semitic comments, denial of the Holocaust etc., and considering the widespread communication of these facts to Jewish organizations which have expended much effort to battle this type of hatred, it is difficult to understand how the nomination of Prime Minister Harper in the circumstances by your organization, cannot be construed or interpreted as other than an effort at self interest and self promotion, with no regard for the efforts of so many jewish people over decades in the defence against hatred and prejudice.
Based on these facts it would seem that organizations such as yours are willing to pick and choose when it suits them to battle blatant disregard of serious matters of social concern and human rights. Should this person be a sitting justice?
The Prime Minister picks our justices - and subsequent prime ministers if they do nothing or take no action, accept these selections.
Does this not make your nomination of Prime Minister Stephen Harper for the Nobel Peace Prize just a little hypocritical?

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