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December 03, 2020
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British Columbia British Columbia Polling Research
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Glen P. Robbins to Canadian Judicial Complaints - Chris Hinkson, Lauri Fenlon/Other Judges - all served August 7, 2020
Oct 09, 2020
July 27,2020 (all judges noted served no later than August 7, 2020)....
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October 6, 2020 BC Election 2020 Results RSR, PST Cut, + Senior Beds, Debate? Police type, Expand private auto (ICBC), Birth Date Abortions?, Mental Illness
Oct 06, 2020
Question 1 reveals that a slim majority of British Columbians support the BC Liberal cut to BC Provincial Sales Tax. Support is lowest on Vancouver Island (35%) and highest in the Okanagan/North/Kootenays @ (61%). The large...
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September 20, 2020 British Columbia Election Results - Data
Sep 26, 2020
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Canada Canada Polling Research
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Response to letter of acting Executive Director of the Canadian Judicial Council - formal Chief Justice of Nova Scotia J. Michael McDonald dated Oct 21, 2020
Nov 04, 2020
November 4, 2020...
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October 27, 2020 Poll of Canadian Issues - Leader/Party support, R Canadians Racist?, Taxation, Israel/Arab Peace, Cable-Media conflict?
Oct 27, 2020
This RSR ROBBINS poll suggests Erin O’Toole is at or about the same position as former Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer was at the end of the Canadian Federal Election 2019 - held one year ago, producing a Liberal minority g...
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Glen P. Robbins - Ita Robbins Letter to Canada's Attorney General, Speaker of Senate, National Judicial Institution, Speaker of House - John Horgan
Oct 10, 2020
Note to Reader - this is the version of the letter due to delivery withing the next 10 days....
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US and the World US and the World Polling Research
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Nov 2020 US Election Do you have full faith and confidence in the 2020 US Election for President?
Nov 30, 2020
Participating U.S. States: Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Georgia....
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Nov 18, 2020 US Constitution, National Mask, Reparations to Blacks, Covid & Trump/Harris v Biden/Pence
Nov 18, 2020
Question 1 (Baseline)...
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On the subject of the Legitimacy of the recent U.S. Election for President 2020 (Ohio)
Nov 11, 2020
Counties for RSR Poll: State of Ohio - Trumble, Erie, Wood, Portage, Clark. 845 Respondents. Telephone - Internal MOE 3.365%. Last few days....
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