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October 20, 2017
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British Columbia British Columbia Polling Research
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RSR ROBBINS - US Prez Trump - 10% GDP, FAKE News, Marijuana, BC Prem Horgan, Christy, BC Hydro, ICBC, BC Justice, > civil servants,BC Libs, NDP, Green, Weaver, K Morgan,D Watts, Trudeau - Jagmeet
Oct 13, 2017
The percentages tell the story here for certain....
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Vol - 8 the end affidavit witnessed by J Kinsey Notary Public Burnaby -per Jody Wilson Raybould, criminal submissions to BC Prosecution Services: R Bakonyi, Robert Ellis, Cambridge Mortg, Peet & Cowa, BMO Bank, justice(s) Fenlon & Hinkson -
Oct 05, 2017
686. That under Part 2: Factual Basis at paragraph 3 “Since September 3, 2010 Mr. Robbins has referred to himself as a “lawyer”, “legal counsel” and “legal representative” & at para 4. “Mr. Robbins is not now, nor has he ever...
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Bombshell - Glen P. Robbins writes to BC Supreme Court Chief Justice Chris Hinkson - Fix your Mess or Resign -
Sep 27, 2017
By Registered Mail, Alternative & email...
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Canada Canada Polling Research
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Private Public Opinion Pollster Glen P. Robbins Reasons in Google v Equustek Vol 1 (for S.C.C.)
Oct 17, 2017
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Vol 7 - Criminal Complaint (Affidavit-BC Notary) against lawyers: Ronald Bakonyi, Robert Ellis-Ellis Roadburg, Cambridge Mortg & Peet and Cowan Fin-Michael Kleisinger LSBC, Lauri Fenlon J, Chris Hinkson (QC) (CJ), BC Justice Minister, RCMP, Real Estate Bo
Oct 02, 2017
586. That (once again) Rule 1-2 “Citation and Application” “Petitions and applications” [noting that an interlocutory application is different from an initiating application by petition or by an action (notice of claim)] “If ...
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RSR ROBBINS - Sweet Home Alberta feat: Notley, Kenney, Gretsky, Anthem, Aboriginals,Trans Mountain
Sep 28, 2017
Alberta NDP Premier holds her vote support (Decided value). Jason Kenney holds sway with an estimated (77%) of former Progressive Conservative & Wildrose voters....
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US and the World US and the World Polling Research
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RSR ROBBINS - Global Survey: U.S. HK-China, Germany, France, Rep of Ireland, S. Korea, Japan, England, Canada 2014-2017
Oct 20, 2017
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United States Poll - RSR ROBBINS - Every State in the Union - President Trump over 50% and Marching-(Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Mark Zuckerberg , English & Immigrants, Freedom/Taxes, Abortion, NAFTA, Tax Reform
Sep 18, 2017
President Trump is evaluated by American Voters ("AV") in the first five questions based on the following themes: (a) Keeping America Safe, (b) Overall Performance (as President), (c) Specific Performance as Commander in Chi...
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RSR - ROBBINS - American Independence Poll - The Year of the The Trump (2017) Most Accurate Pollster in the World
Jul 03, 2017
Q 1...
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